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06 Sep 2017

Tips on Changing Your Password 

While many people hate the idea and the rigours of changing their password, it is a very necessary evil. With the proliferation of phishing sites, viruses, keyloggers and malware, you are only safe when you change your passwords regularly enough.   One other common habit is the use of a single password across board. This is dangerous in the superlative. It is akin to having a single key to your safe deposit box, home, mailbox and car. While it may […]

06 Sep 2017

What Makes A Successful Team? Google Finds Out

Introduction   Regardless of how you call it, whether it is a work group, pod, autonomous collective or committee, you are probably considered part of a team by Google. There are many theories that explore the ways of making great managers. If we focus so much on making the managers great, why won’t us also find the best ways to make a team great? Team effectiveness is a key factor to the success of any organisation. A group of experts […]