23 Dec 2015

Will you be my GIF?

As lopping animations GIFs have, surprisingly, managed to survive in this dynamic world where digital formats keep changing on a daily basis. The attractiveness of the GIF format has overshadowed its flaws. However, those looking to modernize this decades-old format may inadvertently lead to its downfall. Although GIFs are fun they are not the best for modern computing or surfing. However, this is not surprising, especially considering the fact that this format hit the market in 1987. Consequently, its compression method […]

21 Sep 2015

Small Businesses Going Online

Statistics show that there are still very many small businesses located in Melbourne that are not yet taking advantage of an online presence. This is not only happening in cities but in the whole of Australia as well. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, even though 91.9% of businesses in Australia have internet access, only 44.6 % (less than half) had an online presence. It is still not clear why many businesses do not want to start taking online orders or enquiries yet there are numerous […]

03 Aug 2015

Top 5 TV Technologies You Should Look Out for This Year

Do you remember in the old days when you used to rely on cheap TVs (meant for the bedroom or study)? The comfortably got a place in the living room to serve as the major source of entertainment, only second to radio-cassettes. Today, technology brings large, crisp-clear screens that give a cinema-like feel right inside the living room. You only need to decide on the type, price and size of what you’re going for in order to get the best […]

08 Jul 2015

E-Commerce: Kicking Your Business Into High Gear

There was a time in the not too distant past when many business owners and managers were apprehensive about getting on-board with the internet revolution, considering it one of those new-fangled things designed for kids. Fortunately, as time has shown, the internet is proving itself as a viable addition for any businessperson who wants to increase the presence of their business, not only online, but in promotion of their brick and mortar store as well. In fact, it’s almost something […]

04 Jul 2015

Bitcoins and their Value

History Bitcoin has been a virtual form of currency popular all over the world since its invention in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, which is a contentious fact in itself. It’s a mode of currency linking users directly without the need for a middle man. It has no central system or single administrator and has therefore been recognized as the first decentralized digital currency. As a means of currency, it has been used numerous times for making transactions online. The main […]

03 May 2015

Sponsored Content Within Online Advertising

The idea of sponsored content has become a very popular method to explore in the world of online advertising. In fact, more major businesses have begun to use sponsored content in their works. For instance, the New York Times had a 16.5% increase in the total amount of revenue it is receiving from online advertising in the third quarter of 2014 when compared with that at the same time in 2013. The newspaper says that the sponsored content it has […]

14 Mar 2015

All About The Sony Hacking Scandal

Introduction The Sony Hacking Scandal was basically a cyber-attack on Sony Picture Entertainment which resulted on the cyber criminals releasing private data that belonged to the employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The incident, which occurred on the 24th of November 2014, also saw confidential email exchanges between top Sony executives and information about Sony employees and their families hacked into and published on the internet. The attack was committed by a group calling itself as Guardians of Peace, or simply […]

28 Jan 2015

Future of Online Security: What is the FIDO Alliance?

What is the FIDO Alliance? FIDO stands for Fast IDentity Online. The FIDO Alliance will change the nature of online authentication by reducing the reliance on passwords to authenticate users. Fido was launched in February 2013 to acknowledge the lack of ability amongst strong authentication devices and problems that users are faced with trying to remember multiple passwords and usernames. The internet, especially now with recent cloud and rapid mobile expansions, exposes all users as well as both small and […]