05 Dec: Should You Let Amazon In? A Quick Look at Amazon Key

For a company that started as nothing more than an online bookstore, Amazon has grown into a behemoth that can provide almost anything you might need. Their newest foray into offering everything under the sun is a service called Amazon Key. A very new and unique offering, many are quite excited about the idea. The question is, should you be?
AI brand

29 Nov: Sales Force Uses AI to Find Brand Images

The Einstein Vision artificial intelligence system has a massive image library that includes more than two million brand logos. This allows Einstein Vision for Social Studio to find and track brand and product related postings that don’t mention the brand by name in a description or written text, something current social media monitoring tools can't capture.

28 Nov: Microsoft Launches Better Outlook

Microsoft’s is considered to be the oldest and most popular webmail service, but it has been facing many challenges in the industry. However with the new beta program, users will enjoy faster access to emails and more personalised features.

27 Nov: Wannacry: The New Wave?

Cyberattacks are an offensive attempt by individuals and organ-isations to target computer systems, networks and company in-frastructure, as well as countries around the world and personal devices.


I still remember the first time I opened Paint in my father’s rickety old laptop (I forgot what model it was). Back in the day when Netscape was the only viable web browser, Paint was something I used to pass my time, one hideous drawing at a time. Confession: I still can’t draw, but that’s irrelevant to the article in question.