what is design

16 Feb: What Is Design? Debunked and Rebuffed

The world of design is vast and multifaceted. Everything that we see, use and want around us has been designed by someone with a creative mind, someone who could bring their ideas to life. The device you are reading this article on? There was a team of designers who worked long hours to make it look good and work so well.
domain names

14 Feb: 5 Domain Name Registration Myths Debunked

Our ability to communicate is one of the key distinctions between home sapiens and other organisms on planet earth. We can use sign language, written words and numbers, reading, vocalised use of written language, facial expressions and body language – the list goes on seemingly indefinitely.

10 Feb: Writing the Future: 11 Tips for a Copywriter

The chances are that you have come across some great, informative content designed to grab your attention. You will have also come across a blog that was so boring that you fell asleep while reading it. You ask yourself, what makes the two writers different? Great content can be long or short, but it must remain authentic, ideas driven and creative

08 Feb: 5 Website Hosting Myths Debunked

From individuals to businesses, it seems no one can get along without a website these days, but setting one up can be a daunting task. The wide range of website hosting choices available in today’s market only serves to complicate matters. By debunking some commonly held misconceptions, it may be easier to determine which choice best suits your needs.

02 Feb: Top 10 WordPress Themes for Writers

With the advent of the web, writing and publishing has become much easier for just about anyone. If you want your voice to be heard, it is not only content that will get you far, but also the design of your publication. WordPress, a CMS (content management system) platform, has a variety of themes to choose from
facial recognition

01 Feb: Facial Recognition in Classes: No More Escape

Educational institutions around the world are adapting to new technologies to be able to provide better education and all-round development to their students. With the tuition fees at an all-time high, they have to ensure that the students are following the rules of the institution so as to increase the quality of the education being provided.