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Design is the most important aspect of any project. Design work is
all around us in the public domain, to stand out new designs
must be truly great. That’s where we pride ourselves in our
work and aim to be the best web design & design Australia.

Closer look at how we help our clients
Web Design
Every website has a message or an action it wants to convey to the viewer. How well this message/action is received is very dependant on; the layout, the colour scheme, the fonts, the branding implementation, the flow of content, among many other aspects. We have over 10 years of experience designing & building websites, we know how to make your website look great.
Logo Design
A company’s logo is its most important branding asset. It should communicate what you do and who you are. Nowadays there are a lot of cheap methods to get a logo but we guarantee it will not be unique or communicate who your company is. There must be a process of listening, design, and refinement.
Starting afresh? Launching a new business? We can help you every step of the way. We can brand your new business with a logo, tag line, colour pallet, company font, business cards, letterheads, etc. We can also market validate a new business name, or one that you have chosen to ensure it aligns with your chosen demographics.
Ad Hoc Work
Need a piece of marketing material designed? Need an image altered? Whatever you’re looking for that’s not in the main scope of our work can still be done. We can also do it on the fly, as and when it’s needed. We can cater for all your needs. Contact us to find out more.
Why choose Ooze for Design Services?
You can Make Changes to your website When you want
All our websites are built using CMS (Content Management System) platforms. This means that content management tasks such as adding a new page, editing a page, adding an image, etc are easy to do. Which also means you don’t have to hire us every time you want to make a change. We can show you how to use the admin panel to make such changes. The interface is user-friendly and hassle free.
Websites are mobile friendly & responsive to all devices
Over 65% of web searches are performed with a mobile device, thus it has become a necessity to ensure all websites are built to be mobile friendly. With responsive pages that shrink and enlarge depending on the type of mobile resolution, you’ll be on your way to having a site that not only looks beautiful on mobile, but also converts your mobile leads into paying customers.
Your brand is represented by your digital product
Each digital product we produce is unique. Whether it’s a website, a app, an ad, an EDM, we make it unique to you. This means your brand (colour palette, font family, feel) is well established and visible to your audience. This is crucial when differentiating yourself from the competition. Remember, your digital product represents you as this is a point of interaction between you and your customers.
Common Design Issues We Solve
When new clients come to us there are common
issues that always pop up in conversation,
all of which we have resolved for them.
Here are some examples:

More common than it should be. If you cannot get the original design files the only option is to redesign, unfortunately. We can redesign to almost identical. This issue doesn’t happen with us as we give our clients the originals upon job completion.

Usually, this happens when you have a combination of problems: font formatting, and a layout design that doesn’t work. We can fix all of that by giving the site a once-over whilst still keeping the branding and structure.

In a crowded market of adverts, are your ad sets really standing out? Are they streamlined to your branding? Is the Call To Action prominent enough? Between the dev, design and copy team, we’ve got you covered.

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