By Jesse Ocean  |   26th January 18


10 Tools from an Australian Website Development Company to help solve your Web Development Issues

Ooze Studios, a dependable and innovative, Australian website development company, introduces its top ten tools for modern website design.

Areas looked at include graphic design and interface, authoring, proprietary software and standardised codes.

The New CSS Layout

It’s a pleasure to read the new book by Rachel Andrew, an expert invited on to the Cascading Style Sheets Working Group (CSS), it contains the most reliable and up to date information about CSS. The book will open your eyes to numerous possibilities. She provides details about Flexbox or Flexible Box, a new layout style in CSS3, CSS Grid Layout, and Box Alignment Model. Rachel explains how the three tools work together in developing a unique layout system. CSS Grid Layout brings about major changes in web design and development.

InVision Studio

InVision created not only a fantastic tool for screen design but an integrated environment for digital product design. It helps design teams to work together more efficiently and the innovative layout engine creates more responsive designs. This open platform also enables end-users to come up a lot of add-ons. Exceptional design influences human relations in many ways and this product promotes excellence. As designers raise their skills InVision Studio is their pathway to stunning screen design, helping them bring their visions to fruition. You can sign up now to the app even before it’s ready for public release.

The Web Share API

The Web Share API is an Application Programming Interface that is now available in Chrome 61. It’s function is better integration between mobile devices and the Internet. It is a JavaScript API that facilitates implementation of native-sharing abilities from your mobile web application. This interface used to be available only on native platforms in the past. Now, you can access the programming interface on major browsers such as Chrome for Android. This API expands the functions of the mobile web app and provides users of Android with the capacity to share links through Short Message Service (SMS). Users can now send messages to FaceBook, Slack, and DropBox or through email with a few taps.

Page Clip

Page Clip is a service originating from Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). You can use it on hosted forms or run JavaScript. Get the results through email, Comma Separated Values (CSV) files, or JavaScript Open Notation. In computing, CSV files preserve tabular data in the ordinary text. On the other hand, JSON is an open standard format that makes use of legible text to send data objects like attribute-value and array data varieties. The service is free for one form with a maximum of 1, 000 submissions. You may use Page Clip in capturing emails for new products or install contact forms for visitors to your website.

Essential Image Optimisation

Addy Osmani wrote this eBook, which both concise and motivating. Readers will discover the techniques of reducing page bloat as well as increasing conversions using fast-loading and sharp images. This book is a handy, Too Long, Didn’t Read (TLDR) manual that will save designers precious time. Osmani explains carefully that compression of images require automation and summarises some of the outstanding tools for this task. Image optimisation is essential, so manual processes are not advisable. The author is a web tooling engineer from Google who works with the Chrome group. He also wrote about open-source platforms such as Material, Yeoman, and TODO MVC.

The Startup Way

Author Eric Ries writes about how business organisations (small, medium and large) can adopt the entrepreneurial theories of start-ups in promoting efficiency, modernising processes and driving growth. Eric provides a complete framework for  entrepreneurial management that business managers and owners can employ to push progress despite the current volatile economic climate. The book includes tools, insights and case studies to help all kinds of businesses cope with this. One review described The Startup Way as an essential resource for all types of companies searching for quicker and more sustainable methods of growing.

URL to PDF Microservice API

This Application Programming Interface can convert HTML content to Portable Document Format (PDF). It operates automatically at fixed intervals and you can switch it quickly to Heroku, a cloud platform service that supports multiple programming languages and isutilised as a web app deployment model. Primary benefits of this product include reasonable defaults you can configure; Single Page App (SPA) support; and compatibility with Headless Chrome through Puppeteer.

Do it live

This tool makes actual presentations in the terminal. It can read entire files of shell commands before replaying replicas of terminal sessions while the user types or inputs random characters. The tool resembles demo environment.

Sublime Text 3.0

This tool is a newer and better version of Sublime Text released this month. The features include an engine that highlights new syntax or sentence structure, improved automatic indentation, and fresh user-interface. Improvements made the original Sublime Text faster and savvier. Sublime Text 3.0 rejuvenates visual design for websites, apps, and icons.

Bubbly – BG

Bubbly – BG is a JavaScript collection that draws customised bubble animation on the HTML 5 canvas. It is ideal for dynamic backgrounds. It is fun and straightforward app that creates beautiful environments.

Ooze Studios presents these useful eBooks and applications so that smart developers and designers can freely choose which ones apply to them and their respective projects. It pays to be familiar with each one if you are engaged in Australian website development tasks.

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