By Jesse Ocean  |   5th April 18


11 Reasons to Get a SEO Copywriter

Everybody wants their site to rank highly on search engines, but few are willing to put in the work that it takes to achieve this. Most people think that they can still rank highly with little to no effort. Maybe you are one of those people. You simply want to put some half-hearted effort into optimizing your website and hope that it will get noticed.

The truth is that there are countless other websites competing for the same traffic as you are after. Search engines usually reward those who put selfless effort into optimizing their sites with high rankings, which means that such sites will almost always overshadow yours. Fortunately, search engines are also bias-free tools that rank websites purely on merit.

There is no denying that website optimisation can be hard work. It is work that is best left to professionals who possess both the knowledge and the expertise to improve website rankings on search engines. Here are 11 reasons why you should hire an SEO copywriter:

1. Writing is not your strength

If the thought of sitting down to compose an article drains the happiness out of you, you should seriously consider hiring an SEO copywriter. Most copywriters are not only talented writers, but they are also professionally trained. To them, writing comes naturally. This will save you a lot of agonies if you struggle with writing.

2. Good with SEO

Besides being good writers, SEO copywriters have mastered the art of search engine optimization. One cannot overemphasize just how difficult it is to excel at SEO. Today, search engines look for more than keyword stuffing. Gone are the days when you could simply fill your content with key phrases and get away with it.

Search engine optimisation includes such things like having quality content, using images and videos appropriately and having the correct page length: and this is barely scratching the surface. It certainly not works for an amateur. This is one of the key reasons why you need to get an SEO copywriter as soon as possible.

3. Persuasion

One of the key qualities of a good writer is persuasiveness. After all, aren’t websites marketing channels for your business? You want the person who writes content for your site to know how to use words, and to use them correctly. Used well, words can convert even the most uninterested readers into potential customers. And there is no better way to ensure that your website serves its purpose than getting content written by an SEO copywriter.

4. Saves You Time

It is an undeniable fact that writing content for your site and then optimizing it is both a tiresome and time-consuming task. This is especially true for busy business people whose schedules are always tight. If you want to free up your schedule and still ensure that your website is run smoothly, then an SEO copywriter is your best bet. This leaves you plenty of time to concentrate on your business instead of worrying about your website.

5. Interesting Articles

An SEO copywriter knows how not just to capture, but also to retain the interest of the readers. They do this by using headings and subheadings correctly, breaking the text into readable sections, spicing up the work through humour and using many other writing techniques. They make it worth the readers’ while to visit your website and read the content. And even while they strive to ensure that articles remain interesting, they are still able to convey meaningful information. Nothing spells talent better.

6. Objective View of Your Business

Another reason to get an SEO copywriter is that they give an objective view of your business. This might be hard for you as the business owner to achieve. As an owner, it will be harder for you to write based on a customer’s point of view, and you may appear to be too desperate. This could put off some readers and earn your site a bad reputation. Seems like too heavy a price to pay instead of hiring a copywriter, doesn’t it?

7. Concise Posts

Redundant material tends to put off readers as does disorganized work. Nobody wants to keep re-reading the same points over and over again. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that untrained writers are apt to make, which is why an SEO copywriter is truly indispensable.

8. Take Advantage of Competitors’ Weaknesses

As already pointed out, SEO is based solely on competition. If you want your site to rank highest on search engines searches, then you have to outsmart your competition. An SEO copywriter will help you analyse your competitors’ weaknesses and use them to your advantage.

9. Make Use of Meta-tags

Meta-tags are a great tool for SEO. They make it easier for search engines to rank your website. Used well, they can improve your ranking a great deal. Unfortunately, creating and using these brief descriptions is no easy task, which is why you had best leave it to the experts.

10. Quality Content

Quality is a word that encompasses many different aspects of your website. For search engines, it is based on how well you answer users’ questions. The better you answer them, the higher you will be ranked. Professional copywriters are gurus in so far as writing quality content is concerned. Every sentence in their work relays useful information to readers. This helps keep your website in the good books of search engines, which are likely to rank such content highly.

11. Brand Recognition

Lastly, an SEO copywriter can help build brand recognition for your business in the online community. Their precise definition of your product and consistent and appropriate use of niche key phrases will earn you recognition within no time. The significance of having formidable brand recognition will give your online presence a positive boost.


If you really want your site to rank highly, you must be ready and willing to put in the work required. Hiring an SEO copywriter might appear to be an added expense at first, but it really is an investment. Nothing can substitute for the work of these professionals. Hire them today and you will not regret it.

nks well on the search engines, it shouldn’t be your number one aim. It is crucial that you have professional and compelling web content to make the users visiting your site return. Hiring a professional SEO Copywriter will ensure that you are correctly promoting your products or services directly to your target audience.

Don’t Make This Mistake

A fatal mistake many business owners are making is writing their copy themselves. Perhaps you have a copywriting project that has been sitting on your desk for some time that you just can’t face? Or maybe you’re just too busy with other areas of your business? Don’t make the fatal mistake of trying a have a go at it yourself, outsource it to an SEO Copywriter that has experience in writing content for different audiences, that will deliver your copy on time and within budget. Would you try and design your website if you had absolutely no idea about web design? Exactly.

In conclusion

To create content that integrates keywords without ruining the flow of copy or alienating the person trying to read it! In fact, great SEO copywriting is not obvious at all; it feels relevant to you.

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