By Jesse Ocean  |   2nd April 18

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11 SEO Copywriting Tips For Killer Content

Is your website or blog bringing in high-quality organic traffic that is converting? If your answer is “No”, then you need to read on. Allow me to be honest with you, failure to pay attention to SEO copywriting will cause your business to flounder because:

  1. The visitors to your site will not be converted into buyers.
  2. You will not be ranked for quality keywords.

The solution to these two problems lies in you learning how to do SEO copywriting the right way. The success of your business depends on it.

Here are 11 actionable ways that can be implemented today to help increase engagement, boost your rankings and help you convert web visitors into actual buyers. Are you ready?

What Exactly is SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a specialized form of freelance or online writing that is aimed at:

  1. Ranking the site on search engines such as Bing and Google.
  2. Using keywords to help readers locate the kind of information they are looking for.

iii. Driving traffic to your site.

Simply put, SEO copywriting relies on quality writing and strikes a balance between writing for search engines and writing for human readers.

How to use SEO Copywriting techniques to receive more leads, conversions, and sales


Killer Tip #1: Reduce your bounce rate by using the inverted pyramid technique

The inverted pyramid technique of SEO copywriting ensures that the most important information is presented first. The first two paragraphs carry more important information than subsequent paragraphs. This method ensures that your most important content is placed in the area where online visitors access first. Once readers get a hint of what your article is talking about, they are likely to stay longer on your site, thereby bringing down the bounce rate.


Killer Tip #2: Use Optimised Title Tags

As an SEO copywriter, your focus should be to ensure that you get clickthroughs on search engine results. Why work so hard to rank your site on Google and then be bypassed by searchers because of a poorly done headline. Make your headlines stand out by optimising them. Your title tags should use power words (e.g. best, latest), applying sensationalism (use of words such as exposed, revealed, dirty secrets) and brand name-dropping. You can combine positive, powerful words with your primary keyword in your title.

Killer Tip #3 Come up with a compelling meta description

A meta description is an important element of your web copy. It comes immediately under your title and gives a sneak-peak of what your site has to offer. Consider it as a line that is supposed to convince searchers to click on your title and be redirected to your website. Don’t blow your chances of getting web traffic by having a weak meta description. Make sure that it contains your keyword and that it stands out. You can use a tool like Yoast ( to design how your title and meta descriptions will appear on search engines.

Killer Tip #4: Make sure your content delivers what your title and meta description promised

Message matching should be something that everyone engaged in creating web copy should strive to achieve. You have worked hard to convince searchers to move from the search page and they are now ready to get the information you promised. Don’t waste this opportunity, make sure that you deliver exactly what you promised. If you fail to do this your site will record high bounce rates and you will soon be outranked by your competitors.

Killer Tip #5: Use the language that resonates with your audience

Brian Dean, one of the leading SEO copywriters, visits places like forums to find out the exact language used by his audience. When people go to forums to ask questions, it means that they were unable to locate their answers in search engines. You too can use these questions as keywords and come up with great, relevant copy.

Killer Tip #6: Invite your readers to take action

One of the goals of SEO Copywriting is to generate sales. You cannot sell unless you guide your visitor down the path that leads to the sell button. Determine the action you would like your readers to take after reading through your content and ask them to take that action. Whether your call to action requires them to make a purchase or make contact, you need to make it clear. Where possible embed your call to action on every page of your site.

Killer Tip #7: Increase time on page and engagement

You can achieve this by making sure that your copy is scannable. Scannable texts can be created by using one-sentence paragraphs, questions, ellipses, short enticing sentences, and questions. You can also use multimedia (images and videos) to increase time on your page and satisfactory engagement.

Killer Tip #8: Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords

Avoid keyword stuffing. Focus your SEO copywriting on the use of long tail keywords. You can use a tool such as the LSIGraph to generate high-quality LSI long tail keywords to use for both writing fresh content or editing your existing content.

Killer Tip #9: Use numbers in your headlines to boost your click through rate

Searchers would like to be told upfront the number of items they are likely to encounter in your informational copy. Let us say for example you are writing a copy on tips for treating acne. It is important for you to mention the number of tips, are they two or 20? Be clear from the word go.

Killer Tip #10: Keep Skimmers on your site for longer

Skimmers are notorious for going through content very fast and moving to the next search result. You can keep these skimmers on your site for longer by using visual cues, quote boxes, section banners and action boxes.


And finally, …

Killer Tip #11: Provide clear navigation

If your copy is too long, add a table of contents at the beginning to help your readers to navigate through your content. This will ensure that they get what they are looking for in a relatively short time.

Parting Shot:

If you have been wondering just how to become a better SEO copywriter, wonder no more. Follow the killer tips suggested above and take your SEO copywriting skills to the next level.

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