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11 Top Copy Writer Resources

As a marketer, you are defined by how great you are at writing good copies. Today, a great copy writer is a crucial need for a successful online campaign. They range from emails to wonderful blogs. When it comes to distinguishing between a great website and an ordinary one, masterful copywriting is important. Having the right resources is mandatory if you are looking at converting a crazy, egg-like Website to one that easily converts customers and sells. The copywriting resources have the power to help you grow your Website conversion performance to about 363%. Every business, especially on the online platform, should make a profit. Writing great copy is integral to achieving this. With the best content, you can be sure of achieving a higher conversion and drive customers to your site.

The following 11 resources provide you with what you need to write a wonderful web copy:

  1. Copywriting 101

This is 10-lesson e-book written by Copyblogger that provides you with all the necessary information that you need to succeed as a Copywriter. Copyblogger helps you understand the essential elements needed to write good content. The 10 lessons provide you with tips needed to convert ordinary content into a master class copy. This e-book is a must-read if you are looking at improving your copywriting skills to the right standards.

  1. Copywriting Library

This e-book is also a product of Copyblogger. The e-book provides you with easy access to free copywriting materials in the Copywriting Library. Basically, the e-book describes how you can employ good copywriting in your email marketing, content marketing, and landing page. A lot of Copywriters around the globe have benefited from this resource as it’s free and high-quality. As a Copywriter, this e-book is a must-have.

  1. Grammar Girl

If you are looking at having the best grammar-rich and mistake-free copy, Grammar Girl is the copy resource for you. The e-book provides friendly, simple, and practical tips that help you improve your copywriting skills. With Grammar Girl, there is so much to learn about writing market-driven content and increasing the conversion performance of your Website. Through Grammar Girl, you get more than copywriting skills. At the end of it all, you get to improve on your sentence structuring and tense.

  1. Copywrite Matters

This is a free worksheet by Belinda Wearers. As a Copywriter, the worksheet provides you with the best advice on good copywriting skills. Copywrite Matters is an important resource if you are looking at polishing your copywriting skills in order to increase the conversion rate of your Website. With the Copywrite Matters, there are no secrets or tips about copywriting that you will not learn. Writers who have tried Copywrite Matters speak highly of the concepts in the worksheet, and there is no doubt that the resource is an important one.

  1. Free Copywriting Worksheet

This product by Copy Hackers comprises 16 Worksheets that will help you apply great copywriting skills in your business, especially in the online marketing campaign. Copy Hackers provide you with master class tips for active copywriting. With the resource enjoying massive subscription globally, there is no doubt that the Free Copywriting Worksheet is a must-have if you want the best content for your Website and marketing campaign.

  1. Guide to Copywriting

This is a guidebook by Neil Patel which contains more than 30,000 words. The guide gives you information on how better you can optimize your content in order to increase the Website’s conversion. The guidebook takes you through all the necessary steps to gather the right information to use in writing good copy. You also get to understand the tips needed to design great web pages.

  1. Copywriting Cheat Sheet

This material is for all Copywriters who would want to learn about writing a great online copy. With the Cheat Sheet, you get to learn about how to write great content for email marketing and also for a social media campaign. The Cheat Sheet uses simple tone and style to guide you through the right tips and smartest copywriting tips. With the Cheat Sheet, your skills as a Copywriter become enhanced.

  1. Tested Advertising Methods

This is a classic book for all who want to learn how to write copy that sells. The book presents you with methods that are tested and proven to work. This book is one of the most-read in the copywriting world, and it’s enriched with practical formulas for the modern copywriting experts. With the formulas discussed in the book, you get to polish your copywriting skills as you embrace smart ideas.

  1. The Copywriters Handbook

This handbook by David Ogilvy provides you with step-by-step tips needed to write copy that is market-driven. All Copywriters who have read this book speak highly of the content. This is mainly because David Ogilvy provides practical and relevant content, needed by the modern Copywriter. With this book, you get to learn everything about writing copy that sells and one with a higher conversion rate. In the long run, you achieve an impressive marketing campaign through the delivery of great copy content.

  1. Copywriting Courses by Copy Hackers

Other than writing books, Copy Hackers also provide online courses for all who are interested in learning about the best copywriting skills. Essentially, the courses provide you with the opportunity to go through the copywriting e-books by Copy hackers as an integral process in the Copywriting Course. With the course, you increase your overall copywriting skills.

  1. Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts

This article by Joana Wiebe is a must-read if you are looking forward to writing market-oriented and mess-free copy content. The article takes you through what you should do as a Copywriter and what to avoid on the job. With the Do’s and Don’ts, you are assured of writing an awesome copy that meets the standards of copywriting.


Overall, the secret to good copywriting is found in reading and using the right copywriting materials. Employing the right resources is instrumental in achieving an incredible copy. With the resources, you can be sure to polish your copywriting skills as you boost your Website’s conversion.

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