By Jesse Ocean  |   6th August 18


20 Useful Tools for Copywriters

For you to succeed as copywriters in the copywriting industries, you need the best tools in the market. It is always said that the best craftsman is moulded by his tools.

Whether the tools are relevant now or not, you may never know when you may need them. Therefore, as a copywriter, you should be conversant with available and best tools in the market.

What entails Copywriting?

Copywriting involves content writing with the aim of creating promotional materials. The descriptive and creative texts written by the copywriters are applied in advertising or marketing. The written content assists in creating awareness for a particular brand or persuading action from a specific group. Therefore, whatever written must be professionally done.

The copywriters dictate the tone and the ideas of the written text to ensure it is relevant and up to the required standard. Majority of their work appears on an online platform like the website, blogs post, social media, online advertisements, and email newsletter among others. Most of the copywriters are either freelance or permanently attached to a particular firm or brand.

Which Tools?

  • is not just a website but a sufficient tool to assist you in improving your writing. It provides a bunch of information on synonyms, vocabularies, and much more. The straightforward site spiffs up the online content to ensure that it remains professional.


The is one of the world largest free English online website. It provides the copywriters to improve their English write-ups. It includes word definitions, pronunciations, synonyms idioms, slang phrases and sentence construction among others.

  • Grammarly

Even with careful editing and proofreading, some errors may slip your attention. Thanks to Grammarly software, such mistakes like incorrect spacing, swapped words, wrong tones, and comma mistakes can be detected. It offers an offline desktop app as well as a plug attached to your browser.

  • The Writer- Readability Checker

The free readability checker provides feedback and review on the written content. By just copying and pasting the article content, the checker cross checks your writing against the gunning fog score. Also, it utilizes the Simple Measure Of Gobbledygook index and the Flesch-Kincaid reading ease score to ensure your content meets the score.

  • Unbounce Dejargonator

Found in the Chrome store, the Unbounce Dejargonator assists in identifying and curbing tech jargons. Also, the browser extension does explain to you why you abandon the idiom for a more descriptive language. Therefore, the copywriter can come up with an article that the audience can understand.

  • WordCounter

As an online editor, word counter mainly helps in the counting of words as well as characters. Also, it assists the writers to improve their writing styles, word choice and detect the grammar mistakes. You can monitor the word counts as you type, edit or delete directly on the app or copy paste your text from another program.

  • Un-Suck It

The free web app allows the writer to convert words not flowing well and replace better fun words. It identifies the unfit words especially the terrible business jargons and substitutes them with better words.

  • Copyscape

As a professional copywriter, you need to protect your reputations by providing the clients or posting on your website, original content. Copyscape is online software that checks on the plagiarism of your content. Through the Copyscape premium services, it verifies content originality, case tracking, an API, Batch search and private index.

  • RhymeZone

The RhymeZone assist the writer in finding words that rhyme. This tool is essential for the writer, and all you need is to type a word on the RyhymeZone. Also, it has other features like the word definitions, similar consonants, synonyms, and similar consonants among others.

  • Wordle

Wordle is a tool utilized mostly for SEO copywriting. It is used for rendering the word clouds from the written text. Wordle shows the most prominent words in the content written. The user is allowed with various layouts, fonts and color schemes. The image generated by Wordle the text can be

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web tool that assists you as a writer to monitor visitors’ traffic on your site. It provides an insight of the total views by clients, how they are interacting with your site, where they are coming from, and review of their experience. Also, it enables you to match the message with the write people as well as receiving fast and reliable opinions from your clients.

  • ClickTale

ClickTale is another device that will track recordings of how people are utilizing your website. Also, it offers the click tracking and heat maps.

  • Readability Test tool

Read-Able is a free tool that provides the writer with an easy and fast way of testing the readability of their work. It saves the copywriters the time and hustle of repeating their content to check whether it is readable. Also, it assists in streamlining the text workflow.

  • Copydoodles

Copydoodles enables copywriters to improve their content by adding hand-drawn graphics and comics. The writer can access thousands of marketing graphics and comics as well as fonts that are handwritten. Therefore, you can spice your work by customizing it using the doodles.

  • FileZilla

This tool assists in managing files on your site as well as that of the client. It enables the copywriter to gain access to his/her files and those of the host web server. Therefore, by obtaining access, you can download, upload, and delete files or change the data permissions.

  • Google Drive

If you want to safe keep your important work files and work from anywhere, Google Drive comes in handy. The device is cheap, accessible to you and functions well.

  • CrashPlan

It is software that assists you to back up your data automatically. CrashPlan runs in the background without interrupting your work and it

  • Google Scholar

Google scholar is a site that provides professional academic journals, books, articles, reports and other materials. It site comes in handy when the writer wants to investigate a proven scientific tested answer.

  • BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo shows the writer the terms and phrases that are most shared on blogs. It demonstrates the popular keywords as well as contents in every network. Furthermore, it will shows who partook in sharing the content.

  • Spyware Blaster

Spyware Blaster provides your PC with protection against spyware. The free tool runs in the background and needs regular updating.

  • BitDefender

BitDefender is software that protects your PC against attack by viruses. it constantly scans all background emails, downloads for any malicious software.

  • Saasu

Saasu is accounting software that can be utilized by a copywriter. It comes in handy if the writer is developing accounting content or wants to send invoices to his/her clients.

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