2018 January

facial recognition

31 Jan: Facial Recognition in Classes: No More Escape

Educational institutions around the world are adapting to new technologies to be able to provide better education and all-round development to their students. With the tuition fees at an all-time high, they have to ensure that the students are following the rules of the institution so as to increase the quality of the education being provided.

29 Jan: 5 Email Marketing Myths Dispelled

Email marketing has proven to be an efficient way to build corporate trust and loyalty plus create brand awareness for quite some time now. Most corporations employ this method to reach their current or potential clients with advertisements, direct sales and soliciting donations.

25 Jan: China’s Influence on the Global Economy: Why are business incubators looking to China?

The world is embracing startups at faster rates than ever. However, one region is gaining a lot of attention due to their growing influence on incubators. China has immense economic growth, they’re the fastest growing economy and country in the world. But to understand why the startup world is taking so many trends from them, you need to know why they are being touted as a model to emulate:

13 Jan: Russia Has Swayed the US Elections via Social Media – Now What?

“Where once we had propaganda, press releases, journalism and advertising, we now have “content”. Where once we had direct marketing, display advertising and promotions, now we have “monetisation”. Where we once had media owners, ad agencies and clients, now we have “partners”. Who could possibly object to partners monetising their content? It sounds so mutually beneficial and efficient.