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7 Myths About Web Design Busted by A Design Company


Know the Seven Myths About Web Design That Have Swept Over Many People

For any business to succeed both in the physical space and in online selling, they should consider running a website. Usually, a site acts as the face of your enterprise to potential clients. Building your brand’s online presence through a website, you’re able to reach more consumers. For this reason, you should do your best to present a captivating brand story and image that will draw as many customers.

Following the online marketing hype, many site development companies have come up in the recent past. Most of them tell you some of the things that you should, or shouldn’t do with your website. Although some of them may be true, it is also worth noting that there are also several myths and misconceptions, which you should pick out. Below are some of those myths, which when you comprehend, will make you succeed with your website.

  • You Could Overlook a Mobile App or a Responsive Website

Most people tend to think that since their guests are on desktop computers, they may not require a responsive system. This is wrong because if anything, mobile applications are only becoming more prevalent. In fact, mobile devices are the reason why most people spend almost half of their time surfing. Even in the case where most of your visitors may be on desktops, there are still high chances of losing that small percentage of customers embracing mobile devices. Remember, in business, you do not want to take chances with the success you anticipate. One customer means a lot, and that is why you should optimize for all their devices.

  • Stock Photos Alone Are Enough

People have been made to believe that they should only have images of their stock on their sites. However, with up to date design company, you will learn that you do not have to bank on such outdated information. Having your visuals is informing and wise. It gives your website a unique look that may not be borne by any other. All you need is to ensure that you uphold professionalism. Whether it’s your images or those of your stock you are uploading, you must give them a professional touch. Check that your designer customizes them to gain an attractive look that will catch people’s eyes. Times have changed, and no one should be held prisoner to the conventional ways of designing a site.

  • The More Features you Have, the Greater the Experience

As much as you want to give your users a lot of information, be careful not to complicate their experience. It is quite unfortunate that there are people running sites overloaded with features at this time and age. When visitors view your website, they want to navigate through with ease. A clumsy platform will definitely ward your potential clients off. You should never forget that there are thousands of alternative options for them. Let no one lie to you that a site full of features and options is any better. In any case, these days you only require detailed calls to action. Utilize them to tell your visitors what you do and why they should opt for your products or services.

  • You Should Consider Your Homepage as the Most Important

Although your visitors see your page first, this does not mean that it should be better than the rest. On the other hand, this does not mean that you should neglect it. This is what gives a visitor the first impression of your business, and so, you have to make it count. However, do not give that customer reasons to doubt what they saw on your homepage when they navigate further. Maintain your brand taste throughout the pages for relevance and consistency. While at it, do not just pay attention to the images. A content-rich site is what ranks you highly on Google, not forgetting that your visitors equally need it for their decision-making.

  • White Space is Not Necessary

A clued-up design company understands the implication of white space on a site. Such a space allows you to have your most critical details like calls to action. You can have them in bright colours or in bold to make your text gain an outstanding look. If you are redesigning your site or developing a new one, these are aspects that you should know. Ensure that you work with a web designer who understands such niceties. When they leave that white space, it does not mean that it is wasted. It is best utilized for details that you consider a must-capture for the end-users.

  • Flash is a Prerequisite for an Attractive Site

Flash has been used extensively by site development companies. Although they look cool, the truth is that it may bring more harm than good when not used frugally. Flash has a horde of disadvantages especially when one has to download flash plugging for them to access your site. Again, the fact that flash does not work on many devices makes it irrelevant. If a client really needs to use flash, then their design company should give them the option of having a non-flash version for the sake of the clients who may not be willing to go that extra mile to install flash. The idea of flash is a not must; there are better ways of making a website good-looking.

  • Design Comes First, Content Follows After That

You need to have content first to plan for everything else. A design company that misses out on this crucial detail is likely to spend a lot of time on their site. Without well-crafted content, you will most likely change your layout and site structure at some point. It might continue that way until the time you will decide to layout your content first. Such repeated occurrences will definitely affect your turnaround time, which will eventually inconvenience your client. Proper planning is mandatory for every web designer.

It’s Time to Go into the Fascinating World of Web Development

Above are just some of the myths you need to break when going about your web design projects. As you delve more into this initiative, you will also realize that a client is not always right. This field requires an expert possessing the right skills and abilities. Professionals play a crucial role in enlightening their clients so that they do not get tied by some of these myths. With these understanding, you can now go into web development with all confidence.

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