By Jesse Ocean  |   4th June 18


A Melbourne Copywriter’s Perspective on Copywriting

Being a copywriter and copywriting, itself isn’t an easy job. It’s not just about putting pen to paper (or in my case, fingers to keyboard) but also to edit, proofread and deal with clients. Fortunately for me, I’ve had a wonderful time working at Ooze Studios, where I am treated and respected as a human being and am allowed to grow at a steady pace. Below, I have posted some questions and I hope my answers will enlighten you, even just a little.

How has copywriting shaped me?

Copywriting has shown me what it’s like to have a job that I love. My passion has always been writing and with a degree in English with Creative Writing, it is no doubt that the knowledge gained during my university years has helped me by leaps and bounds. Copywriting has also trained me to have a keener eye for detail as I edit, proofread and write countless works. Not only that, it has shown me ways and means to obtain information through a plethora of research methods and I am grateful for that as I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about the world and how it works. Working with Ooze Studios and Jesse Ocean, the owner and proprietor have also helped to grow my skill set and me at same time. Jesse is extremely encouraging and understanding sets reasonable deadlines and most importantly, pays on time (Sorry, Jesse!).

What do I feel is important as a copywriter?

Well, to add to the above points in the first question, one has to have a hunger and thirst for knowledge, seeking out only the finest to craft into masterpieces. That saying that reading opens many doors is very, very true and if you want to be a master copywriter you read, read, read. Of course, it’s not just senseless reading and skimming but picking and plucking the finer points to learn and use in one’s work.

My 3 top tips for aspiring copywriters?

1. Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back (bet you didn’t know the full saying)

2. Read. A LOT.

3. Write, write, write as only practice makes perfect.

Is copywriting all that it’s cracked up to be?

It certainly isn’t the most glamorous job; I’ll be honest with you there. You’re usually behind the scenes but that doesn’t matter if you’re someone who’s proud of their craft no matter what the circumstances may be. With any job, it has its perks and pitfalls but I would say that personally, I think it’s pretty cracked up. Of course, this is a biased opinion as I am very much in love with my job. If you don’t like writing or reading, I don’t think it’s suitable for you, but there’s no harm in picking up the habit the moment you start.

All in all, I hope this piece was very informative for you and that you managed to gain some insights into the world of copywriting. If you are interested in copywriting services for your website or product, do give Ooze Studios a ring, an email, a carrier pigeon, or what have you. Finally, if you absolutely love this piece and would like to see more similar pieces, share this article and subscribe to the Ooze Newsletter!

Kudos, my friend, for making it this far. Keep on reading, keep on writing.

In Jesse’s words, keep fighting the good fight.

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