By Jesse Ocean  |   2nd December 17

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Six Ways AI Helps A Web Marketing Company and Its Clients

Artificial intelligence is making waves in many marketing strategies now, you may not have noticed it yet but AI is present in several forms. AI can assist with content creation and email marketing, and businesses are getting better outcomes with the help of AI as it gives them better reports and unbiased results of their work. This advancement also gives people more time to think and plan their business strategies without having to worry about doing the repetitive and mundane things which AI can easily take care of.

A Closer Look At AI And What It Can Do

AI basically means any type of technology that imitates a facet of human intelligence. This includes image and voice recognition, with semantic searches and machine learning techniques added into the mix.

Owing to this AI has been recognised as contributing a lot when it comes to online marketing. For example, a web marketing company that wishes to get ahead of the game, would use techniques that involve AI in order to improve their rankings online as well as their businesses’ overall performance.

Most of these AI techniques are related to computer intelligence and they can be further enhanced with Machine Learning Techniques, AI Applications, and Applied Propensity Models. Machine Learning Techniques are those that use algorithms to learn from past data which then create propensity models that predict events such as scoring leads and so on. AI applications, on the other hand, do tasks which people normally do, such as answering questions from customers.

Ways How AI Has Helped Online Business Marketers

1. Having AI generated content

Even though AI has not yet crossed the threshold of writing a blog by itself, there are ways that AI can help with creating content so that visitors will go to the website of the online marketer. AI is able to use content writing programs that can pick out important factors from a given data set. Combining all of these, a human-sounding piece of content comes into place. AI can be used to report data-focused events regularly such as earning reports, market data, sports matches and much more which require exact statistics and progress reports. If your business is in financial services then you can make good use of this particular kind of AI application.

2. Curation Of Smart Content

Smart content curation means that you can engage with visitors to your site simply by showing them content that matters to them.. It can be applied to blogs as well as articles. If you are running a subscription business this would be a very useful tool as you can relate directly with visitors and give them content that they are interested in seeing. When a visitor goes into your site and checks out certain products, the more data that the machine learns and picks up the better the recommendations that come out.

3. Using Programmatic Media Buying

This is known as Programmatic Media Buying and these use propensity models that are created by machine learnt algorithms. They are used to target ads that are related to what the customers are looking for. The programmatic ads are still in development and there are hopes that it can improve in the future so as to help online marketers. Even though it does have its flaws, there is a lot of promise with this AI application.

4. Making good use of propensity modeling

This is a machine learning algorithm which needs huge amounts of historical data. The data that this collects is then made into a propensity model that is able to make quick and accurate predictions about what will happen in the real world. When used correctly, this will help you a lot in prediction as well as tracking the progress of your business.

5. AI that predicts analytics

Propensity modeling leads to a lot of areas and one of them is predicting analytics. This uses data to make predictions on how customers behave, meaning that it uses data from the customers to predict how many times they would come back and how many times they would buy the same products. One thing that you should always remember is that, no matter how useful propensity modeling is, it will only be as useful as the data it receives. This means you will still have to figure out means to get your customers to input data for the AI to collect it.

6. Identifying lead scoring

This is another branch of propensity modeling that is generated using machine learning. Programmes can score leads that are based on certain types of criteria so that you will know which is the most preferred lead. If you are in a sales business, you will find this useful as each sale that comes in can become a lead and you can collect the leads to see which part of the business needs more attention. This is where you can throw in sales and discounts to get more customers to buy from you.

Choosing the best AI application that you can use

These are just a few of the AI applications and strategies to help you understand how, as an online marketer, AI can impact your business. It becomes a powerful tool when you learn how to use it and combined with a fierce strategy, you will find that online marketing becomes faster and less complicated as time goes by. It is just the matter of finding the right application and learning how you can apply it successfully to the kind of business that you are running.

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