Case Study: Branding

A brand refresh for a more competitive business


Key services

With a 10 year history in the chauffeur service industry, Cars on Demand (COD) had already amassed a good brand following.

But as the marketplace continued to evolve, COD’s business transformed too.

After careful planning and workshops, we collectively decided adding gold was the best remedy; therefore adding colour and vibrancy to the reliable black and white. From new color choices to new offline and online visual applications, we rejuvenated COD’s branding so it continues to remain competitive and relevant in its industry.



Is a great opportunity to strengthen a brand image. It reestablishes your position in the market and in the minds of your customers.

Cars on Demand came to Ooze Studios to improve their branding. We executed a design strategy that gave them a new look and feel whilst reinforcing their already established brand identity. The result is a more memorable brand that appeals to all target demographics.


Branding strategy that meets emerging trends

The mobile app industry is a highly competitive landscape. To further combat competition, apps must deliver outstanding user experience. Businesses also need to ensure that their apps extend their brand image to their customers.

When Cars on Demand decided to build a mobile app, we designed a template that allowed the brand to easily connect with existing customers whilst capturing the attention of new users.


Effective promotional tools

Brand collaterals can be powerful channels to convey a company’s identity and purpose. They build credibility and can be your sales tool in creating a great first impression.

As part of our branding service, we designed letterheads, business cards and other promotional materials that display the very personality of Cars on Demand. These designs which were once just ideas are now crucial support for COD’s offline marketing initiatives.

Imagery that gives a competitive edge

Your digital products represent your business online. Whether in the form of websites, branded presentations, or e-brochures you share with customers, they have the ability to make or break a business opportunity.

Ooze Studios provided COD with a personalised PowerPoint template and designed decision documents that are professional, on-brand, and highlight the world-class quality of their service.