By Jesse Ocean  |   3rd January 18

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Bumble’s Bizz App: The New Way for Business

Bumble’s Bizz, a women-focused dating app has now turned into a holy grail for marketers. Bumble launched this app last year to help specifically with networking and dating. Users can access features like checking each other users’ location, and seeing who is open to networking. Users that are interested in connecting can merely swipe right to start interacting.

All these features have turned into a gold mine for businesses looking to expand their reach into the market. Bizz is now an excellent platform for marketers to introduce and spread awareness of their businesses. Read on to see how marketers can use Bizz to market their products and services.


Bizz provides a laidback atmosphere for networking. Unlike LinkedIn where the air is brisk and intimidating, it is possible to bond to a deeper level with potential customers on Bizz. It is easier to spread the brand message and manage the reputation of your business on this networking application. Bizz’s features help to keep the journey to your products simple and straight to the point.

This is a practical approach to marketing. You can choose to visit your competitors’ pages and see what they are up to, or interact with your competitor’s customers just to see how they perceive your products.

Customer feedback

Bizz enables marketers to be at the right place at the right time and get instant feedback on how customers interact with their products and services. On this platform, companies can positively steer conversations and convert their contacts into loyal customers.

By simply swiping, marketers can start interactions and keep customers engaged. This interactivity is vital in any sales process. Bizz applications make it easy to understand what customers want, their desires, their interests, and their fears. Through constant and timely conversations on Bizz, marketers can build a relationship of understanding and trust. From there the whole process of marketing is a walk in the park.

Market segmentation 

In every market, there are different customers with diverse needs and dissimilar buying potential. Segmentation helps to reach them and deliver products and services that best suits their needs. With Bizz, you can easily see the geographical location of your customers, their age, and occupation among other details.

Bizz requires users to upload their digital resumes, skills and bio information; you are therefore guaranteed to have an easy time when it comes to customer segmentation. Market segmentation according to demographics, such as location, age and class, will help you score hot leads that you can close in the nick of time.

Customer courtship 

Bizz is first a dating platform, then a networking and business application. This dating’ aspect can be a big solution for businesses. Today marketing is more like courtship. Companies have to provide product knowledge that can excite customers and build trust.

Bizz enables marketers to analyse and understand their markets so that they can design proper messages. Because you understand the needs of your customers, your messages will be focused, interactive and relevant.

You can efficiently target your messages to different contacts on Bizz. At the end of the day, you will have many leads to nurture. If customers show interest in your products, you can respond with positive messages to stimulate interest in your products. There is no wasting time on useless leads on this platform; potential customers would already have swiped to show their interest in you. Your only task is to convince them.The photo verification tool on Bizz also ensures that people are who they say they are.

Following up

Bizz makes it easier to follow up and close leads. After a marketer gets in touch with a prospective customer, proper follow up is needed to nurture and close the lead. On this application, marketers can slowly build relationships until a customer is willing to try a product or service. You also get to gauge the degree of interest in your product from the conversations you have with customers on this app.

Since Bizz is a social networking site akin to Linkedin it becomes easier to track your customer’s behaviour from their online activities. This helps to accurately target people with relevant products and services. Given that users on applications provide necessary contact information, you can expand your conversations via email or even telephone. After sending messages to potential customers you can request to meet in person those who responded positively.

Central database 

When you continuously use Bizz for marketing your products and services, it becomes a central database for all your information. From this central place, you can start and resume conversations, or gauge performance and design content. Bizz streamlines the marketing process so that you can send the right information to the right people. Below are some of the activities you can do on the Bizz platform:

  • Study and understand your market.
  • Segment your customers according to their individual needs.
  • Message and interact with customers instantaneously.
  • Monitor customer activities.
  • Monitor results and competition.
  • Follow up with potential customers and arrange meet-ups.
  • Re-market your products and services to existing customers.
  • Close deals.

It is essential for a marketer to perform all these tasks in one place so that they can manage the marketing process efficiently. Bizz guarantees accuracy and minimal information loss.

Business grants

Bumble’s Bizz is committed to helping businesses grow through the network. And they are willing to walk the walk by giving away $50,000 in business grants to entrepreneurs who meet via the app. Bizz chooses five teams to award these prizes to. To be eligible marketers need to apply on the app and submit information about their founding team, the social good that the company will have and their business plan. This grant is an opportunity for startups that are looking for cash flow to get a foot through the door.

Bizz helps marketers to shorten the sales cycle and improve lead conversions. You only need to spend your time and efforts on productive leads, which gives more time to spend on building lasting relationships and creating a positive brand image.

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