By Jesse Ocean  |   8th November 17

Social Media

8 Ways to Leverage your Business’ Social Media Presence

The most important thing for a business is to have a stellar product/service. The second most important is a company’s online presence. To the vast majority, a company’s digital presence is the closest it can get to a business. This article suggests ways a business’ social media can be leveraged. Social media is a platform that creates fans out of many people around the world. Therefore the owners of social media accounts should give the best to their followers. Here are 8 ways you can leverage your social media presence even further.

1. Increase your fanbase

Your social media presence represents people who are directly interested in your business. People are more likely to interact with others like themselves who could also become fans. This is more noticeable in younger demographics where they hang out virtually with people who are in positions similar to their own.

It is up to you to understand what drives them to share content and use that to your advantage. You could incentivise your audience by bringing like-minded individuals together in social gatherings by giving away coffee coupons or hosting events through social media. This brings you fans and super fans alike.

2. Create Superfans

If you strike up a debate on Xbox vs Playstation, Android vs iOS, or AMD vs Nvidia you will receive some passionate responses from both camps. Every business needs dedicated fans like these, these people will serve as early adopters of business products or services and promote them both enthusiastically and loudly. If these superfans are online, they will be dedicated evangelists who will bring others equally dedicated superfans. This activity will bring hoards of fans in.

If you create an environment where these fans thrive, their dedication will be rewarded. Give them sneak peeks, early testing opportunities, and public acknowledgement of their efforts for your brand and they will help you generate greater revenue.

3. Lots of reviews

If your customers are happy, they will attract more customers. It is the fundamental concept behind generating sales. It is an established fact that if your customer feedback is impressive, it will lead to higher conversion rates.

When potential customers look up your product/service they are likely to come across your social media accounts, and the more good reviews on it, the more likely you are to convert new customers. The real skill here will be to get more reviews without having to spam your fans with requests for reviews, however, in the absence of reviews, your brand will languish in obscurity. It is within reason that you ask your fans once every few days to leave you a review and to make sure to thank the ones who already have.

4. Engineer Positive Opinions

The internet, being what it is, tends to attract at least as much negativity as it does positivity, which might be the greatest drawback of social media. However, that negativity has an upside. Think of it this way, would you rather you not hear from your audience altogether? Next time you get a negative review, talk to them and ask them how you can improve your product or their customer experience.

5. Master The Algorithms

There’s a deluge of algorithms governing the function of Google, Facebook and Amazon. At times this helps your brand grow, sometimes it limits your outreach. It is not reasonable to attempt to constantly keep up with the new trends of the algorithm every waking second. However, interacting with your social media audience will bypass your dependency on the algorithm and alleviate your reliance on the hope that things will come around in your favour eventually.

This approach attracts organic traffic, which any marketing investment simply cannot parallel. Not only will this approach guarantee sales, but it will also breed more superfans (as discussed earlier).

6. Turn the brand into status

A product will only be as famous as the number of people talking about it Therefore, a celebrity endorsement can turn an entire campaign on its heels. Any endorsement, local or international, will slowly turn your brand into a status. What kind of status you end up with is completely under your control. If you want to appeal to a younger audience, you post entries on Snapchat and Instagram, not Facebook. If you want to appeal to business professionals, then you will target LinkedIn. This will dictate what your business’ status is.

You can also pick and recommend endorsers who reinforce your status thus tangentially attracting even larger audiences.

7. Promote your Call to Action

All that traffic means nothing if they don’t purchase your product or service. This means a significant focus needs to be put on the bottom-line – your call-to-action.

A vast majority of people prefer to think long and hard about their decisions rather than acting on impulses. You can add a layer of interactivity that aids in succumbing to an impulse, like signing up for a free preview before making an actual purchase. Create a sense of urgency so that people are hooked from the start. Use limited time offers and special discounts that help speed up the decision to make a purchase.

8. Become a story

Everyone enjoys listening to a good story. If you take your fans and turn your business into a story they can relate to this will increase word-of-mouth attention. You need to create content that keeps the conversation going offline despite sticking to business goals. Like a humorous video talking about what your business can do. You will then be able to convert more leads, which is the key point.


To cut a long story short, there are several advantages of keeping your audience engaged on social media. One cannot afford to let such an opportunity go. If you compare all the major brands around the world they are right on top of all social media. Social media engagement is fast becoming the best and biggest performance benchmark because short of going to visit each customer individually, this is as close as we can get.

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