Ooze Studios is a team of digital pioneers who share a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our empowering, values driven culture drives us to produce results that we take pride in, while continuously nurturing our personal and professional development.

It’s important for us that everyone who works at Ooze Studios finds purpose at work. We make sure to provide as much detail as possible in each job opening to enable you to choose a role that fits your unique abilities and goals that will empower you to live your best life.

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List of available job opportunities

Design Manager

Ooze Studios is looking for an experienced Design Manager to lead our design pod to new heights. The ideal candidate is both a hands-on designer and a skilled project manager. You will create exceptional creative assets for Ooze and its clients, build strong client relationships, and ensure design projects are completed on time.

Digital Media Buyer

Ooze Studios is looking for an experienced Digital Media Buyer who can ensure the efficient implementation and optimisation of our marketing campaigns across paid ad platforms (Meta, Google, LinkedIn, etc) and landing pages. Ensuring that they are in line with the marketing objectives of Ooze and its clients.

Digital Writer for B2B Content

Ooze Studios is looking for a results-oriented Digital Writer to drive and lead the B2B strategy of Ooze and its clients. Your extensive experience in digital writing for B2B clients will empower you to craft compelling copy for articles, eBooks, landing pages, ads and social posts on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Your ability to adapt to the client’s voice and tone ensures that the content not only aligns with our strategy but also distinctly appeals to the client’s target audience.

Digital Marketing Account Manager

Ooze Studios is looking for a driven leader with excellent client relationship management skills and a proven history of leading digital marketing teams to achieve results.  You will develop ROI focused strategies for your clients and work with your pod members to ensure that campaigns are successfully implemented to meet your clients’ growth objectives.

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We have an established flexible work environment that fuels our culture of autonomy. We care about our team members’ unique needs, life situation and continuously optimise our flexible work options to nurture a better work-life harmony.

We are always looking for talented people to join our team. If you would like to learn more about how you can grow your career at Ooze Studios with your unique skills and experience, click the link below. We will be asking for your updated CV and other information that will help us determine the role that fits you best.

What it’s like working with Ooze

Our culture brings us all together on our relentless pursuit of excellence. The Ooze Studios team of creative, marketing, and culture experts are all passionate about personal development and growth. We are all driven to be our best possible selves and enact positive change wherever possible.

Perks and benefits

We take care of our team members in more ways than one. We work hard to ensure that the Ooze perks and benefits are continuously optimised to ensure that each member of our team is thriving and living their best possible lives.

Competitive Remuneration Package

We make an effort to provide remuneration packages that are within industry standards, which help our team members improve their quality of life.

  • Our fortnightly pay schedule offers better personal cashflow management and Ooze covers the transfer fee for payments, which are directly deposited to your bank account.
  • Our coworking space allowance offers our team members the flexibility to work outside home and be where they feel they are most productive.
  • Growth reviews are held with our team members annually with positive adjustments made to your pay depending on performance.

We care about your personal development

Your development journey starts on Day 1 of your life at Ooze Studios. Our high touchpoint career development program is focused on helping each individual team member with role mastery as well as hard skills, soft skills, and personal development.

  • Weekly mentoring program for personal development via 1-on-1 sessions with a dedicated mentor for wellbeing and personal development.
  • Focused coaching sessions with creative, marketing and culture experts for skills and professional development.
  • Access to paid and certification courses to develop your hard skills – courses worth over $30,000.
  • Access to the Ooze Kindle library with numerous eBooks and audibles for continued learning and development
  • High touch point 60 day training program to help embed you into the culture and master the role.
  • Growth reviews every 6 months to provide you with a better understanding of your performance and focus areas for improvement.

Your wellbeing is important to us

Guided by Gallup’s Five Elements of Wellbeing, we are driven to ensure that our team members are happy and thriving in both their personal and professional lives.

  • Our quarterly mental health day gives our team members a 1-day personal leave to focus on their mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • We have active wellbeing programs running regularly to ensure that team members are focusing on their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing:
  • Our active social programs allows everyone much needed downtime through fun quizzes, social lunch, and events that encourage better relationships with global colleagues.
  • We do not hesitate to share tried and tested software with our team members through our software perks. This allows them to use the same best practices at work in their personal lives.

Our values

The Ooze Values are the core characteristics that are inherent in each Ooze Team Member. They are what brings us together and strengthens us as a team. Our culture and career development program is intrinsically linked to our values. This enables us to continuously practice and improve in these areas in both our personal and professional lives.

Relentless pursuit of excellence

We have a dedicated social fun time each week where we play We are digital pioneers who strive to be the best version of ourselves. Our ability to produce consistently excellent work is a result of continuous learning and the courage to apply our knowledge to enact meaningful change. games, compete in a team member led quiz or challenge and just have fun. This allows us to end the week on a positive note and get to know each other better.


Our strong sense of empathy allows us to naturally enact genuine care and empowers us to go above and beyond what is expected of us. Our deep desire to understand our stakeholders’ needs enables us to develop the best solutions that result in meaningful experiences.


We share a strong conviction to enact our values and moral principles in everything we do – both inside and outside work. Our strong sense of accountability enables us to consistently choose to do the right thing for the right reasons to continuously trust and uphold our purpose.

Our principles

The Ooze principles keep us aligned on how we enact our values to produce consistently excellent results. Our ability to effectively communicate and devote excellent focus in our work enables us to apply lean solutions that generate meaningful results.

Excellent communication

We believe that effective, timely, and constant communication is integral to drive results and nurture relationships with our stakeholders. We seize opportunities to ask questions and deepen our understanding of stakeholder needs to produce meaningful results.

Excellent problem solving

Our ability to analyse problems from different angles enables us to apply lean, empathetic, and tech-centric problem solving to produce solutions that demonstrate our genuine care for our stakeholders.

Excellent focus

Our genuine care is the result of being purposeful with our actions. We relentlessly seek to improve our wellbeing and our environment to ensure that we are able to work at optimal conditions that will help us achieve our purpose.

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