Case Study: Website

Complete UX design journey for the
peak body of Australian Architects


Key services

The Australian Institute of Architects partnered with Ooze Studios to redevelop their website. The peak body wanted to have an online platform that best represents the architecture profession and enables better engagement with their various member and non-member audiences.

The redevelopment project underwent several phases including competitor analysis, UX research, prototyping, audience testing, and usability testing. This allowed Ooze Studios to design and redevelop over 80 web pages that are easy to use and relevant to all the users of the Institute.


Data-driven design decisions

Relevant websites are those that understand who their users are, their problems and their objectives. This is why we don’t base our designs on guesses and hunches alone. We root our assumptions in data.

Ooze Studios’ design decisions were based on high-quality UX research and testing for a deeper understanding of desired outcomes of different users visiting the Institute’s website. The result – better user experience at every click.

Balancing form and function

All websites serve a purpose. For the Institute, it is to help promote the quality of the built environment and advance the architecture profession. To achieve this, the look and feel of the site has to be directly related to its purpose.

Striking a strategic balance between simple yet attractive visual elements and technical functionality allowed us to design a website that reinforces the Institute’s goals.


Future-proofed website

The internet is always changing. How people find and consume information constantly evolves as well. A good design and development team recognise this and must build websites that are adaptable. They must be able to easily adjust to new devices and standards.

We built the Institute’s website with flexible and responsive design to provide ease for future content development and technology integrations so it can continue to remain relevant for all users.

The ideal representation of a peak body

Your website is your business or organisation’s online representation. When well-branded, it can increase your value and help you stand out among your competitors.

The redeveloped website builds on the design standards of the profession to inspire members and non-members alike and continuously promote the value of architecture to the public.

Case Study - Website

Naked Ambition

With an improved look, architecture, UX, and content, Naked Ambition now has a business channel that promotes design thinking, informs potential customers of the services they offer, and represents what the company truly is.