Case Study:
B2B Marketing

Developing a Winning Content Strategy for Omneo



Omneo is a retail platform committed to helping direct to consumer brands deliver powerful experiences to their customers. They offer innovative solutions that combine strategy and technology to help brands reach their full potential.

The brand approached our team at Ooze Studios with the goal of creating a content strategy that would educate and engage their audience.



Creating high-quality content on a consistent basis was one of the biggest challenges that Omneo faced. They wanted to produce regular, high-quality content to showcase their expertise and educate their audience about their platform.



To support this vision, our team collaborated with Omneo’s co-founder, Danny to roll out a highly-effective content strategy. We created a comprehensive plan that included weekly LinkedIn posts, fortnightly newsletters, monthly long-form articles, and videos and ebooks showcasing their expertise.

Focusing on Omneo’s target audience, we conducted an ideal buyer research to understand their interests, pain points, and aspirations. This ensured that every piece of content we created was tailored to the particular needs of the audience.

We also developed quarterly themes every month to create a consistent message throughout the content. This approach not only kept Omneo on track but also ensured that the content resonated with the intended audience.


Our content strategy helped them achieve significant results in terms of engagement and sales conversations. One of the weekly LinkedIn posts garnered 5,000+ impressions, 49 likes and 8 comments.

Beyond these metrics, Omneo was also able to generate a steady stream of quality sales conversations. The content strategy really helped Omneo gain relevance and establish itself as a leading professional in the retail industry.



Having a remarkable product or service is only part of the equation. Brands need to stand out, educate their audience, and create engaging experiences to establish themselves as thought leaders.

That’s exactly what Omneo was able to achieve with our content strategy. By producing a wide range of high-quality content that showcased its expertise, Omneo was able to cut through the noise and make a real impact on its audience.

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