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B2C Marketing

Effective Lead Generation Strategy for Heatmaster



Heatmaster has been heating homes in Australia and New Zealand for over 40 years with their award-winning range of contemporary gas fires, open-wood and natural fireplaces. Their fireplaces are known for their efficiency, aesthetic appeal and ease of installation.

The brand wanted to increase its online presence and connect to more potential clients. That’s why they partnered with our team at Ooze Studios to create targeted marketing campaigns that will help them get more customers.

Heatmaster Homepage


Heatmaster experienced a drop in monthly leads from a range of 50-100 down to 30 and below. They needed a way to reach out and engage with a broader audience, generate more high-quality leads and ultimately achieve their revenue goals.

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We worked closely with Heatmaster’s Director, Tony Styles, and the rest of the team to learn more about their range of heating solutions and target audience. From there, we conducted a comprehensive ideal buyer research to gain a deeper understanding of their potential clients’ pain points and aspirations.

After identifying their ideal customer base, we started running targeted ads on Facebook and Google to reach the right audience with the right messaging. We made sure that our ads were optimised regularly to match the buyer’s journey.

But we didn’t stop there. Recognising that the customer’s online journey extends beyond just seeing an ad, we delved deeper into the Heatmaster website. We revamped their website’s design and functionality of the product pages to improve user experience and increase engagement.


Our strategy’s success was reflected in the impressive turn-around of Heatmaster’s lead generation metrics. The figures escalated from 30 leads per month to an impressive range of 80-100 leads each month – the client’s ideal range.

Aside from this, our Facebook and Google ad campaigns also achieved an astounding average CPL of $20. This remarkable feat was a testament to the tailored strategies we crafted, which harnessed the platforms’ potential to reach Heatmaster’s ideal audience effectively.

Heatmaster PC render
Heatmaster Homepage


Through targeted campaigns and streamlined user experience, we were able to help Heatmaster connect with a wider audience, solidifying their position as the go-to choice for home heating solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

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