Case Study: Website

B2B website built to convert leads


Key services

Bare Inc partnered with Ooze Studios to refresh their website so that it continues to serve their needs as it grows with their business.

The redesigned user interface stayed true to Bare Inc’s brand while taking the whole website layout to another level – providing visually powerful elements and ease of use and navigation for all users.


Mobile-friendly website

Responsive design optimised for mobile so the flawless experience remains consistent no matter what type of device is being used. The ratio of mobile to desktop viewership fluctuates from website to website depending on the industry the business is in; some only have 10% of their traffic viewing on mobile.

Regardless of how low the volume of traffic, mobile responsiveness should never be ignored.

Engaging content

If you’re a designer or a photographer you can rely heavily on images to convince a website viewer into being a prospective client. That is not the case for the rest of us. We need wordsmithery (That is a word!) to engage the audience and keep them reading beyond the first paragraph.

Being able to cut through the white noise of the competition whilst still projecting the professional brand voice was a challenge but we took the challenge on; with success.


Sales funnel and C.R.O.

All websites need to be CRO (Conversion Rate Optimised) to fulfill their objective. This can range from lead gen, to lead magnet download, to white paper downloads, article views, ad revenue, etc. A website is an investment, which should yield a return.

An enhanced brand experience was created through strategic choice of colour, imagery, use of whitespace and navigational structure. This allowed Bare Inc to better showcase its services and communicate the brand’s message to its audience. Thereby turning the site into a leads funnel, flowing prospective clients into its CRM.

Intuitive design

We created seamless connections between all visual elements to enhance usability and ensure that every user accomplishes their purpose each time they visit the website.

Before the design can start wireframes need to be created to ensure the viewer’s eyes will look at what we want them to look at, and lead them into the action we want them to take. Using UX principles and cognitive psychology studies we know how to maximise the impact of a website.

Intuitive Design
Case Study - Website

Transparency International Australia

Using data and stakeholder feedback, we rebuilt TIA’s website greatly improving the accessibility to information and overall user experience; whilst ensuring that the organisation’s branding shines throughout the site.