Case Study: Website

A B2B website built as a marketing tool


Key services

Data Agility has been helping organisations with their data analytics and information management since 2003. They’re quickly becoming the leading data consultancy in Australia, with many large corporates and government agencies relying on Data Agility to make their data reliable and accessible.

They partnered with Ooze Studios to rebuild their website to boost their online presence and gain more leads and attract better talent. Data Agility now has a website that truly represents their company and shows how they are bringing expertise to clients in different industries.

Focused on user experience

Websites shouldn’t just be about designs. It should fulfill the user’s needs, solve their problems, and offer positive experiences. 

With Data Agility we made sure the visually-appealing website had a good flow of content for better and more meaningful user experiences. It’s really important to cater to multiple user profiles when creating a site, which is why we create wireframes for all projects before designing.

Built to last

Website tech and interfaces are changing constantly and user expectations continue to evolve. Tens of thousands of dollars can be wasted creating a non-future-proofed website if the proper processes and tech aren’t used. This is why your website should be flexible and easily adjust to new technologies and standards. 

In order to make Data Agility’s website future-proof, we implemented flexible and responsive designs that can be maintained and changed easily. We also created a group of template pages to help them in future content development.

Conversion-centered web design

Just like we always say, your website is your business card for leads and next hires. So it’s important that your website is designed to help you achieve your conversion goals. 

Ooze Studios made the Data Agility site conversion rate optimised by using strategically-placed CTAs, impactful headlines, and highly engaging content. This resulted in more quality leads and better job applicants coming through from the site. Giving them greater profitable growth.

Represents the brand’s vision

Your website creates the first impression and shows the users what you can do. It’s your online storefront in showcasing your products and services. So it’s important that it accurately represents your brand’s values and vision.

We rebuilt Data Agility with well-branded designs and features that can help them stand out among their competitors. We made sure that it reflects the company’s story and identity, and communicates the solutions that they provide.

Case Study - Website

Transparency International Australia

Using data and stakeholder feedback, we rebuilt TIA’s website greatly improving the accessibility to information and overall user experience; whilst ensuring that the organisation’s branding shines throughout the site.