Case Study: Marketing

Marketing strategies for a
strong online presence



From 0 digital presence pre-campaigns, E-Co organically grew its leads database to over 1,200 in just under 2 months. Giving it a bank for launch.


Key services

E-Co is a multi-location coworking and co-living company that promotes sustainability. As part of their pre-launch campaign, E-Co partnered with Ooze to help them build and grow their online presence.

From social media marketing to lead generation and nurturing campaigns, we consolidated a digital marketing strategy that matched their goals and budget.


Capturing audience attention

Sales funnels cannot exist when you don’t have leads to begin with. To have customers, you need to develop an interest among your target audience first so they come to you for more information and eventually buy your product or service.

By creating an effective lead magnet, targeting the right audience and identifying the best online channels, E-Co was able to generate a list of 1,200 organically grown fans in a span of 5 months.


Identifying business opportunities

Marketing efforts don’t just stop at generating leads. You have to know if they are actually prospects and are a good fit for your product.

We helped E-Co qualify their leads through survey and strategic email marketing. This enabled the company to focus its resources on people that are most likely to convert and pinpoint specific content for lead nurturing so they can continue to build relationships and trust with their potential customers.

Product-market fit

Developing a new product or service is always crucial to any business. To minimise risk and ensure you get the maximum ROI, you have to consider various factors: What is its unique selling proposition? How feasible is it? Is it aligned with your business strategy?

With our years of experience managing and guiding businesses through all stages of business development, we helped E-Co develop a service offering that is scalable and matches the needs of their target market.