Case Study:

Content strategy for quality organic traffic


As a unique energy retailer, Powerclub’s main marketing goal is to increase organic traffic by producing content that educates people about the country’s energy sector and helps them effectively reduce their electricity consumption. Thereby giving the POWER back to the consumer.

Key services

Powerclub is Australia’s only member-owned electricity retailer that gives people access to wholesale energy prices with bill smoothing technology from its Powerbank.

To ensure that they are keeping up with the competition, Powerclub collaborated with Ooze Studios to develop digital marketing strategies that significantly increased engagement on their website.

Creating technical and engaging content

Writing content that revolves around electricity and the energy sector needs to be technical and informative. The energy sector has a lot of policies and regulations in place, this is why creating insights, tips, industry reports and other content that evokes the interest of the readers can be challenging.  

To help Powerclub connect with more people, Ooze created a deep understanding of the regulations and processes involved in the energy sector. By doing this, we were able to create attractive unique content that is technically correct, knowledgeable and at the same, appealing to the brand’s target market.


Targeted unique content for growth

Creating content just for the sake of producing something is not enough. Whether its blog posts or reports, content should be optimised for search engines, yet also appeal to the consumers.

With Powerclub, we produced a library of high-quality content that is both engaging for the audience, but also optimised for the search engines. Backlinks play an important role when it comes to building an online presence. Through an effective backlinking strategy we also increased their online reputation and brand awareness and built more connections.

Organic traffic with sales intent

Driving organic traffic to a website is not a straightforward task. It needs a lot of effort, technical ability and understanding of what are your audience’s needs and pain points.

Ooze is a one-stop-shop marketing agency that helped Powerclub gain more organic traffic. We have in-house copywriters, marketers, designers, and developers that made sure all the content, design, and overall performance of their site are answering the consumers’ needs.