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Around 20% of startups fail in their first year. In most cases, it’s caused either by a disconnect between the product and the customer’s needs or an incorrect identification of the target audience.

Ooze Studios helped Visa Jobs gain a better understanding of their market and effectively navigate the different stages of their development as a business.

Key services

Visa Jobs connects Australian businesses with qualified global candidates through their job site.

To ensure a sustainable growth, Visa Jobs partnered with Ooze Studios to guide them as they developed their product, analysed competition, structured their business model and introduced their brand to the market.


Connecting product concepts to potential target markets

If your idea does not solve any problem in the market, then you only risk wasting a great amount of time and resources. That is why market validation is always a crucial step for any startup or business launching a new product.

Through customer surveys and in-depth competitive analysis, we provided Visa Jobs with actual market data to help validate their service. This data confirmed the gaps in the market and enabled us to understand their customers’ behaviors and determine areas for improvement in their product offering.

Case Study - Website

Testing products in real market conditions

How do you know if your product will succeed and actually catch on in the real world? You create a minimum viable product you can test and gather feedback on.

Ooze Studios worked with Visa Jobs to produce the first iterations of their now existing product. By creating an online platform with all important information on TSS visa and a free self assessment tool for overseas workers, Visa Jobs was able to learn more about the needs of their customers. This led them to expand and refine their services to better serve their market.


Accelerating development and marketing growth

In today’s competitive business landscape, the ability to renew, adapt and change strategies quickly can be the difference between success and failure.

We employed our lean business framework to support Visa Jobs in their product and business development. Constantly learning about market trends and demand to continuously offer the best tools and features and ensure that their services are always obtainable as possible to all their customers around the world.

Building loyalty through valuable content

You can spend significant resources to acquire traffic online. But if you’re not offering something valuable enough to your visitors, you can end up losing a great amount of opportunity for your business.

We helped Visa Jobs grow the number of prospective customers by helping them develop a highly-valuable lead magnet – a free self-assessment tool that allows global candidates to check their eligibility for the TSS visa. The free content did not only increase Visa Jobs’ number of leads, but it also helped demonstrate their unique selling proposition turning them into members and potential paying customers.

Converting leads into customers

Marketing is not just about awareness and building traffic. It should also be about achieving sustainable growth through customer engagement and retention.

We pulled the best data-driven digital marketing methods and implemented campaigns for Visa Jobs to increase their conversion rate. From website content to pay-per-clicks and email marketing, we focused on developing a full funnel that starts from a strong user acquisition