Case Study:

Digital marketing campaign that resonates with business audience



In any B2B marketing campaigns, acquiring leads is almost always one of the biggest challenges. The sales process begins with a lead – without it, your business will have no clients, and no revenue.

Ooze Studios managed True North’s B2B lead generation campaigns. Starting with 0 digital presence, True North was able to build its list of prospects ready to be converted into customers.


Key services

True North is a Michigan-based consulting company. Their primary goals were to raise brand awareness and introduce their services to their target market across the United States.

Ooze helped True North make great strides by running digital marketing activities that got their brand and services in front of new audiences who want to strengthen their project management skills and drive profits to their companies.


High-value content

Every piece of content you produce is an opportunity to grow your business. Whether you’re creating a blog post, an ebook, or a whitepaper, it’s important that you deliver value in order to create interest and build long-term trust with your customers.

Paired with conversion rate optimised landing pages, we created lead magnets that resonate with True North’s business audience — discussing their pain points, educating them and offering solutions to their problems.


Validating business ideas with real customers

How do you know if your business is actually solving an important problem? Who is the right buyer for your product? All this can be answered by doing a market validation.

Through competitor analysis and by looking at search trends, Ooze Studios helped True North validate its service offer and determine that its target market indeed has a space for its business idea.

Engaging online events

A webinar is by far one of the most trusted online marketing tools out there. You can engage with your customers directly and offer them more value than any other form of digital content.

By leveraging this tool, True North was able to position itself as an expert in the field of project management. Complemented by email marketing, the webinar became an effective online instrument both for lead generation and building personal relationships with potential clients.