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Skyrocket Your Landing Page Conversions with These Tips

A survey found that testing and targeting of landing pages, when done well, can help increase conversions by as much as 300%.

By Jesse Ocean 15th June, 2023

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what is wordpress

By Jesse Ocean 13th August, 2018

What is WordPress? Blog Sites made easy and so much more

Largely renowned for its free, easy-to-use blog features, WordPress is also one of the world’s leading website creation and content development sites.

By Jesse Ocean 6th August, 2018

20 Useful Tools for Copywriters

For you to succeed as copywriters in the copywriting industries, you need the best tools in the market. It is always said that the best craftsman is moulded by his tools.

By Jesse Ocean 30th July, 2018

How to Create Viral Content – Here Are 8 Tips

We live in the era of Youtube. Everyone wants to make a viral content, boost their channel’s visibility and turn their brand into a household name.

By Jesse Ocean 16th July, 2018

Internet Marketing Agencies Are Adapting to the Current Business Climate

Internet marketing agencies continue to grow, despite some increasing challenges. The job of helping clients get business online has become more complicated as the years go by, but there are more opportunities than ever.

By Jesse Ocean 9th July, 2018

SEO Copywriting Tricks and Tips to Impress Both Readers and Search Engines

Prepare to be amazed at these SEO Copywriting tricks and tips. Thanks to our mental capacity as humans, combined with the efforts of our ancestors to develop and propagate spoken and written language, billions of people around the world write for school, work, and fun or just to pass the time.

Pokemon Go

By Jesse Ocean 1st July, 2018

Pokemon Go: The New Wave of AR?

In Pokémon Go, or PoGo for short, players or trainers as they are called by the gamers, have to capture creatures called Pokémon in Poké Balls. This is done via tapping on the desired Pokémon and flicking their finger to send a Poké Ball towards the target Pokémon.

By Jesse Ocean 25th June, 2018

What to Look For in an Internet Marketing Firm

Successful companies heavily rely on internet marketing firms for a good reason. Online marketing is vital in the information age, and businesses have realized the importance of getting on board.

By Jesse Ocean 17th June, 2018

Read Receipts: The Psychology of Emotional Manipulation

Here are the impacts of read receipts in text messaging. Remember the days of SMS texting? You’d bang out an abbreviated message of 140 characters or less on your Nokia handheld, or maybe you were cool and had a sleek Motorola Razr.

By Jesse Ocean 28th May, 2018

We’re in Forbes’ Top 30 under 30

I’m still getting over this one. What an accomplishment by our lead developer! Making it into Forbes’ Top 30 under 30 for E-Commerce!!!!