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Skyrocket Your Landing Page Conversions with These Tips

A survey found that testing and targeting of landing pages, when done well, can help increase conversions by as much as 300%.

By Jesse Ocean 15th June, 2023

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By Jesse Ocean 13th December, 2017

10 Copywriting Tips for Your Facebook Ads

With social media becoming an essential part of our everyday lives, coming up with new content every day for different audiences is not so easy.


By Jesse Ocean 12th December, 2017

7 Instagram Safety Tips

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. With over 800 million users it offers a fun and exciting way for users to explore their creative side through photos and videos.

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By Jesse Ocean 7th December, 2017

3 Handy Tips to Drive More Traffic: Insider Knowledge From An Internet Marketing Agency

Are you a business owner who wants to get ahead in the online world? Have you launched a website, and you’re worried that customers aren’t finding you?


By Jesse Ocean 4th December, 2017

Top 9 YouTube Moneymaking Tips

With our previous article, we helped you prepare for the various ways and means your ad revenue stream on YouTube could go wrong if it was not set up properly. Here, we show you ways and means to monetise YouTube for income. Ready to read on? Here we go!

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By Jesse Ocean 2nd December, 2017

Six Ways AI Helps A Web Marketing Company and Its Clients

Artificial intelligence is making waves in many marketing strategies now, you may not have noticed it yet but AI is present in several forms.


By Jesse Ocean 23rd November, 2017

Instagram keeps on growing: is Instagram good for marketing my business?

Instagram, like many social media applications, comes with its own trends and that can be seen mainly in hashtags, the application’s primary feature of sorting.

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By Jesse Ocean 22nd November, 2017

Internet Marketing Trends of 2018: The Heavy Hitters – How An Internet Marketing Agency Can Help You Target These Trends

2017 has seen a steady upward curve as far as internet marketing is concerned. Online marketing is always an eventful industry and this trend is all set to continue.


By Jesse Ocean 19th November, 2017

Expressing your Expertise with LinkedIn Content

Your sales team is experienced, savvy, and most likely already on LinkedIn. But are they utilising their online presence in the best way? Could they be using their profile and expertise to better promote your business?


By Jesse Ocean 17th November, 2017

What’s new with Snapchat – new filters, new features

Snapchat’s shot to fame was when it first released Stories mode, where users could add on pictures/videos into a seamless slideshow. This soon was copied by Facebook and Instagram, adding to the popularity of both these social media outlets.