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By Jesse Ocean 30th April, 2018

Everything you can do with Google Home

With the technological revolution, the new Google Home has added a wide variety of features that help to ease most daily tasks. With other competitors in the market, Google decided to enhance its services in a way that even Amazon cannot match.

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By Jesse Ocean 23rd April, 2018

Email Hosting: A Provider’s Perspective

In this current age, the internet begins to be a critical component of how businesses operate and this is the reason why you will want to find an email hosting provider who can serve your business interests to your satisfaction.

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By Jesse Ocean 19th April, 2018

Bootstrap Your Website: SEO Copywriting Tips & More

SEO copywriting, in the simplest terms, is writing quality content. This means that your content does not just serve the target audience, but will also meet Google’s standards enabling your content to compete on the search engine.

By Jesse Ocean 11th April, 2018

SEO Copywriting Tips for Awesome Content

Would you like your content to rank top ten on the Google search engine? Because you and all the other thousands of people who create new, unique content every day are in a battle for the same thing.

By Jesse Ocean 8th April, 2018

SEO Copywriting Tips for Mobile Marketing

Google recently rolled out a mobile-first system that instructs search engines to consider websites that are optimized for mobile use when determining search rankings.

By Jesse Ocean 5th April, 2018

11 Reasons to Get a SEO Copywriter

Everybody wants their site to rank highly on search engines, but few are willing to put in the work that it takes to achieve this. Most people think that they can still rank highly with little to no effort. Maybe you are one of those people.

internet marketing tips

By Jesse Ocean 2nd April, 2018

11 SEO Copywriting Tips For Killer Content

Is your website or blog bringing in high-quality organic traffic that is converting? If your answer is “No”, then you need to read on.

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By Jesse Ocean 29th March, 2018

A Beginner at SEO Copywriting? This Guide Will Help You!

If you own an online business, or you are handling one, then chances are you would have heard about SEO copywriting, or you might have done some research or consulted an expert about professional copywriting.

By Jesse Ocean 26th March, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Email and Website Hosting Separate

Every business, whether big or small, needs to have a reliable and steadfast email. This is to ensure that there is optimum and constant communication with customers, this not only helps to build stronger relationships but also makes purchases easier.