By Jesse Ocean  |   12th February 18

Challenges of 2018_Web Marketing

Challenges of 2018: How a Melbourne Web Marketing Firm Can Help

As an expanding business owner, it is important that you spend a lot of time on getting your site noticed, and to increase client and revenue flow. Many company owners are working to no avail by handling their marketing on their own, unaware that there is a huge amount of knowledge that they are missing out on. There are many hurdles facing business owners in 2018 that will hinder growth. In order to overcome these obstacles, you should consider hiring Ooze Studios, a Melbourne-based web marketing company. We can handle any, and all, web marketing for you, enabling your company to grow into the kind of success story we like to see.

Here are just some of the marketing challenges you’re going to face in 2018:

Banner Rage

In the competitive world of rising new businesses, banner rage has never been stronger. Every business wants to get noticed and you’re going to be fighting for banner space just as much as the other guy. Because of this, a good marketing company like Ooze Studios can help to get your banners published and noticed. When your banner and advertisement are prominent and striking you are going to get more clicks to your site and more clients as a result.

Competition – Both Online and Locally

The challenge that all business owners face is competition. Even if you have an original idea and think that you’ll be a success this does not mean that there’s no other company out there offering similar services or products. You need a marketing campaign that is going to put you above the competition so that you get the lion’s share of recognition. You want product awareness and sales to go to you.

Ad Blocking

More and more people are choosing to set ad blocking on their computers and mobile devices. Many browsers come pre-installed with ad blocking technology, so using ads and pop-up options to get your site noticed is not going to work. This technology is going to expand into social media sites. Many social media sites are now implementing strict pop-up blocking so that your ads won’t be seen.

Social Media Pricing and Restrictions

Most social media sites have allowed you to advertise your company freely in the past, but new regulations might make this a lot more difficult. If you want to advertise and market on social media sites, you’re going to be forced to pay a lot more than you would have in the past. Social media platforms are the leading sites to use when it comes to marketing a new, or older, company now these sites are cashing in.

Private Browsing

Private browsing may not seem like an issue until you want to know who is visiting your site and seeing your ad campaign. By knowing where your visitors are coming from, you know which ads are working and which ones aren’t. This is where private browsing becomes a problem. People are now using private browsing technology to browse the web incognito so that their identities are not known, making it difficult for business owners to know where their visitors are coming from and where they live. In order to grow your brand, this is important information, knowing where visitors are coming from to ascertain which ads and marketing are working, and which ones aren’t is crucial.

Rankings and SEO

Search engines are still key when it comes to successfully marketing a brand. This is why SEO, or search engine optimisation, is vital to the overall success of your company. If your site is ranking low with search engines it means that it’s difficult for people to find it when they are searching for specific keywords. Search engine optimisation will be as strong as ever in 2018 in an effort to weed out keyword stuffing and provide quality content to readers. This is where professional marketing comes into its own, SEO covers many different facets of content and is difficult to accomplish on your own.

Mobile Browsing

More and more of your online visitors are going to be using their mobile devices in order to check out your pages and site. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you could be losing clients without even being aware of it. In 2018 mobile traffic is expected to dramatically increase, so you need to ensure that your site is as mobile-friendly as possible. The best way to accomplish this is by working with Melbourne-based web marketing company: Ooze Studios, we have broad-based experience with mobile and online marketing.

These are just some of the issues and challenges that will surface in 2018, it’s going to be a year of big changes. So it would seem to be the right time to work with Ooze Studios, the Melbourne-based web marketing company that will get behind you and work on increasing awareness of your site and brand. Quality, professional marketing will direct customers to your site, and as a consequence increase your revenue. Let somebody else take the strain of working with all the coming changes, it’s our job to make your business successful. By hiring Ooze Studios to grow your profile you will be investing in the management of an essential facet of modern business – web development and marketing – we will help you make money and save you precious time and worry – what’s not to like?

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