By Jesse Ocean  |   16th November 17

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How To Raise Your Content Marketing Game – DIY Copywriting Services

Did you know that you can actually turn your site visitors into customers? You will need to invest more on content marketing. Content marketing can help in increasing traffic to your website. This can go a long way in raising your site’s conversion rates and eventually increase your profits.

Content marketing basally refers to a strategic marketing approach that is focused on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content in order to attract and retain customers.

Content marketing still requires copywriters. In this case, you need to hire professionals who can create good content for your website. You will note that most people are not good at creating quality content for their website. Most business people hire copywriters in order to create content for them. You should ensure that what you write convinces your audiences to read, learn and ultimately buy from you.

The following are some of the tips that content marketers should practice in order to get their content out to audiences worldwide:


1. Clearly define your audience

You should clearly define your audience as a content marketer. It is important for you to know who you are marketing to. Once you define your target audience’s basic demographics, establish the specific personas for different types of people who are likely to buy your products or services. You should describe each persona’s geographic location, occupation, income and so forth. This can help you a great deal.


2. Generate fresh and new ideas.

It is important that you generate fresh and new ideas from time to time. You can brainstorm ideas that are related to your brand or product and should allow your imagination to run wild, as well as viewing your ideas from different perspectives. This will give you broader, more interesting content. You will see very quickly that visitors will be motivated to read new content on a daily basis.


3. Keyword research

It is important that you know how to research and locate information and ideas as well as being able to use keywords and keyword phrases. They are normally used to highlight the subject of web pages for search engines and prospective customers. You should include some of these keywords in your content. However, you should use them moderately. You just need to optimise your content so that visitors can locate it online. In addition, you must create a good content so that readers will be interested in reading your content. You should pick your keywords from a longer list and then narrow down to a dozen or so. Also, ensure that the terms make logical sense for your website and support your brand.


4. Get to the point

You will note that visitors rarely have time to read long texts when searching for content online. They are not going to read each and every word in your content. They will instead scan some of your pages and if they spot some important keywords, they are going to spend more time on your content.

In this case, you should start by writing a headline that catches your audience’s attention. You should ensure that the opening sentence gets to the point straight away. The initial sentence should lead the reader from the eye-catching headline to a clear statement of the message. Do not tease the reader with fluff writing. You should drive the message home first and then deliver the supporting details later. At the end, close with a call to action.


5. Be aware of user experience

It is important that you consider the user when you are creating content. In this case, you should use keywords that make sense based on the user, the topic, the focus of the blog and context. Your content should be interesting to the reader so that they are encouraged to read more.


6. Promote and distribute your content

Creating good content for your website is not enough. You have to promote it so that more people can get to know and read it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help you to market your content. In addition, you should consider using social media platforms to promote your content. Some of these platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth.


7. Consider inserting photos in your content.

Photos that are sprinkled throughout the text have a useful purpose. Note that they help in breaking the monotony of text blocks. They also help to convey your message in a better way. In addition, they also attract attention and arouse curiosity. You should also be familiar with formatting so that visitors can scan your writing in search of a specific area of interest. You can actually use a combination of bold type, text colours, numbered or bullet lists, symbols and so forth.


8. Use videos.

You can create videos about your products and services. You will note that most people will be interested in watching these videos when searching for content online. Ensure that the videos are short but rich with content. You can decide to create one video per week. You can then share these videos on different platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and so forth to generate more views and hopefully, convert some into viable leads.


9. Pay close attention to your analytics.

It is important that you pay close attention to your analytics so that you can keep track of the most popular topics and content types that are bringing in or driving traffic to your site.


10. Use a conversational tone.

It is important that you write as if you are having a conversion with a friend. Note that your audience is more likely to relate and engage with any content that is conversational in nature.
Those are some of the tips that content marketers practice in order to get the content out to audiences worldwide.

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