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Closer Look at How we help our clients

Have an ad campaign but it’s missing that creative spark in the copy? Our copy team can bring words to life with their creative prowess. Whether the ad is visual or text-based, a social media or PPC campaign, we can help you.
Creative Copy
Need words picked and plucked ripe from the cherry tree and spun into beautiful tales? Our copy team can cultivate extensive creative copy for you.
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General tasks
Need other copy services? We are always interested in solving problems. Contact us below to discuss how we can help you.
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Article Creation
Google’s foresight and proficiency have meant that articles are the cornerstone of all website content. Our team knows how to write relevant content for your audience with good flow & engaging copy. Don’t waste valuable time trying to 2nd guess what articles your audience wants to read, our marketing department works in conjunction with the copy team to engineer the best articles.
Website copy
You can make the prettiest website with excellent code architecture, however, if the copy is badly put together your prospective clients will not engage with the website. Good website copy is essential to attract new customers and to ensure you have return visits. The website copy should be a clear reflection of the company’s voice, which in turn builds brand awareness.
Social Media
Aligning your company voice to social media posts can be difficult to keep consistent. Our copywriting team and digital marketing team work hand in hand to ensure there is consistent messaging on brand with that company accent, behind the voice.


Our Melbourne copywriters are a sprightly bunch. They are able to create magnificent works with the simplest of ingredients. You no longer have to worry about going online and getting people that write half-baked goods for you; we take care of everything for you. Your company’s cake will stand out amongst the shelves of other cakes in terms of quantity and quality.

Our copywriters have all the necessary tools and tricks to ensure that your cake is well-frosted and decorated. Not only will your cake stand out among the sea of other cakes, it will also be a cake that will win over even the hardest of Gordon Ramsay’s.

OOZE Studios Portfolio

Closer Look at Our Best Projects

BARE INC – Web Development, Web Design & Copywriting
BARE INC – Web Development, Web Design & Copywriting
Naked Ambition – Web Development, Web Design & Copywriting
Naked Ambition – Web Development, Web Design & Copywriting
Mindful Growth Hacker – Copywriting
Mindful Growth Hacker – Copywriting
Sunnyhaven – Copywriting & Content
Sunnyhaven – Copywriting & Content
Poncho – Copywriting & Content
Poncho – Copywriting & Content
Euro Chill – Copywriting & Content
Euro Chill – Copywriting & Content
Common Copywriting Issues We Solve
When new clients come to us there are common
issues that always pop up in conversation,
all of which we have resolved for them.
Here are some examples:

Copy is never nailed on the first attempt. That’s why you will hear many drafts being written of books, scripts, etc. Website copy is no different. We know how to ascertain the type of voice you want, and the language to use from talking to you. We can edit, add, or create. We love to write.

Writing 1 article per week doesn’t seem like a big task, until you try it for yourself. It quickly becomes a chore and the backlog stacks up. Our dedicated copywriters can complete any copywriting tasks so that you can focus on what’s most important for you: running your business.

We believe in the power of social media. We also believe that we can help you manage your social media accounts and everything in it for maximum engagement and leads. And doing so with your company voice.

Satisfied Customers

Our Clients Love Us
Laura Jane
Gourmet Kitchen

I highly recommend the team at Ooze Studios. From the start of the project, they have been very attentive to what I visualised my website will be and creatively executed my visions for my website. The whole team were fantastic to work with and made the process easy from my end. I am really happy with the new site and we’ve received some great feedback from customers.

Thomas Green
Thomas Green
Mindful Growth Hacker

Ooze did a great job with our website and other content creation activities. Their attention to detail is great. They understood our briefing and took it to another level – technical and creative-wise – helping us achieve our objectives.

Simon Kalipciyan
Cars on Demand

The team consistently demonstrates clever creativity, business growth mindset and quick response times.

Rajiv Jayarajah
Bare Inc.

Ooze Studio’s thought-provoking creative approach took into account both my current and future business needs. They were able to translate my vision into an amazing website that transformed our online presence and truly reflected our brand and culture.

Griet Johanna Vandenhouweele

Ooze studios helped us quickly, really got into our need and current website and gave us a nice overview of platforms not only for the website but also other amazing digital marketing tools.

jci 150X150
Jodi Chapman
JC Imagery

When I started my own business, I wanted to have an online presence right away. Not knowing
the process involved and where to start, I contacted Ooze Studios. Ooze made the process
so easy and stress-free. I intend to use Ooze Studios for any future work and
will definitely recommend to others seeking similar services.

Threefold Consulting

Their advice always seems to be what’s in my best interest, not trying
to sell me things I don’t need, and I trust them implicitly.

Michael Manoj
Trio Solutions

Ooze Studios are awesome to work with.
Looking forward to future projects 🙂

Jenny Rojas
Poncho Mexican Street Food

We’d just started our business and needed a website. Ooze Studios looked after us right from the beginning. The care factor was very noticeable and greatly appreciated. Highly recommend.

Matt Emmanuel
CFM Carpentry

Very content with the website and the customer service.
Happy to recommend.

Mike Mullins
Mike Mullins Ink

I wanted a complete website overhaul which required a lot of new functionality
and new branding, both of which Ooze Studios succeeded in creating.

Oliver Fairman
Sinking Fund Solutions

I don’t know much about making websites, and they made the whole experience
as easy as a walk in the park. I highly recommend Ooze Studios.

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