By Jesse Ocean  |   13th December 17


10 Copywriting Tips for Your Facebook Ads

With social media becoming an essential part of our everyday lives, coming up with new content every day for different audiences is not so easy. We understand how difficult things can be for you and so we will now share a few copywriting tips that you can use for your Facebook ads.

1. Understand your audience

First and foremost, you need to understand your target audience. Social media helps make it easy for you to target different audiences. It further helps you create a special personalised experience for each type of audience, you no longer need to serve everyone the same thing. Customising ads certainly offers you lots of benefits but it leaves you with the responsibility of creating more ads than before. You may then find it difficult to match all your audience’s needs. If you are aware of your audience and their needs then transforming your copy can become really easy. Fortunately, you can make use of split testing to work out which ads match the needs or are being liked by your audience. (hmm I’m not sure if this is correct?)

2. Keep it easy and simple

Keeping it simple is not easy when you have lots to say. You will probably not be able to describe your service, product, or promotion just through a single advertisement. So, what you need to do is gather all the information you want to share and compile it into a single message. Understand the goal of your copy and also what you expect of your audience – do you want to them to sign up for webinars? Download an e-book? Once you figure it out, give a clear and simple call-to-action that drives your audience in that direction.

3. One call-to-action is enough

If you use too many you are likely to look pushy, something you do not want your audience to feel. Excessive call-to-actions also complicate the details you offer in the ad, they may draw away attention from your main message and confuse the users. Also, you must try to avoid using exclamation points, as it sounds like you are shouting or pressurising your audience, and this will not be entertained.

4. It should be short and sweet

Do not use too many words which will use up your audience’s precious time. Instead quickly get to the point, however you need to be creative in the way you communicate. Being a little humorous is something most people find that attractive.

5. The words you use must stir emotions

You need to use words wisely to create the kind of emotion you want to promote. If you use simple words like “today” or “right away” it can create a sense of urgency and entice your customers to respond immediately to the ad. To create a similar emotion you may ask persuasive questions which get them to think. For instance, if you are posting a real estate ad you may ask a question like “What type of dream home have you always wanted to live in?”. If you can stir emotions, you can draw out actions, and every ad wants to make their customers respond in some way to their message. Words can actually play a strong role, so use them wisely.

6. Narrate a story

You need to narrate a story, but your story must be in brief, just a few words. If you can actually manage to do so, congratulations, you have perfected the art of Facebook copywriting. Your story should create interest, and at the same time offer a personal touch.

7. Do not forget about the visuals

Not just your copy, your images too need to be equally amazing. Remember, the News Feed is highly competitive and you have just a few seconds to attract the attention of your audience. Images have the power of both complementing your ad copy and also breaking it. If the connection between your visual and written message is not clear enough your audience will not understand and they will not want to spend their valuable time in figuring it out. Your copy and image must balance each other, to get the right results you can work with your graphic designer so that both of you can tread on the same path, that is, share the same idea.

8. Maintain the same tone in all your ads

Whenever your business posts an ad you obviously want your audience to recognise that it is from you. If this association is made then you will not have to worry about your ad being mistaken for one being created by a competitor. It is very important to maintain a similar tone. The creative aspects, including tone, must be consistent through every ad you post.

9. It must be relevant

You can either be relevant to the latest trends or you can be relevant to what you advertise. If you want to be relevant to what you advertise you cannot shift attention from the primary focus of your business. If for instance, you have a retail business, then you cannot write about computers or politics. However, if you want to be relevant to the current trends you cannot sound outdated. For instance, if you are advertising a product from your retail store then you should use a “buy now” button instead of writing “Visit us at”.

10. Do not end up overselling

You need to understand that your audience does not give importance to your company just for being a company. What is important for them is how you may solve their problems. So, if you want your Facebook ads to be successful, make sure they are not about your company, but about your audience. When you try to communicate, do not tell them about you, instead let them know how you are concerned about their problem and how you can help solve it. Try to make them understand how your service or product can make things better for them.

Copywriting is a very helpful yet often overlooked part of advertising. If you use the right words, you can easily attract your audience’s attention and ensure that they enjoy buying from you. The next time you create ads keep these 10 tips in mind and make great copy that creates the desired impact.

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