At the heart of Ooze Studios is an empowering, values-driven culture that brings together our team of global talent.

We are digital pioneers dedicated to improving ourselves and passionate about well-being through our shared values and principles.

Work with a team of global talent driven by empowering culture that nurtures growth, creativity and success

The Ooze Culture

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Our values and principles drive
a relentless pursuit of excellence

At the core of Ooze Studios there’s a team of amazing human beings who are purposeful, courageously creative, innovative, and have a deep care for people. Our empowering culture enables each team member to nurture these excellent values to create meaningful experiences that empower us to achieve our vision to be the best digital agency to work with in the world.

We all share a relentless pursuit of excellence that is deeply rooted from our strong sense of integrity and genuine care. We are able to deliver excellent results through our shared values and principles, which are deeply ingrained in who we are and how we conduct ourselves.

Flexible working environment

We have an established flexible work environment that fuels our culture of autonomy. We care about our team members’ unique needs, life situation and continuously optimise our flexible work options to nurture a better work-life harmony.

Our thriving remote work environment is consists of below:

  • 6 Core working hours; For instance, the Australian core hours are 09:30 am to 04:00 pm AEST, while the Philippine team core hours are 08:00 am to 03:00 pm PH.
  • 2 flexible hours before or after the core hours
  • Coworking space allowance; Ooze Studios has established partnerships with coworking spaces around the country. This enables our team members to have the flexibility to work wherever they feel they are most productive.

Our genuine care for our team members empowers them to be courageous in exploring new and different ways to improve the working environment. Everyone in the team is encouraged to share their insights and feedback in meetings, mentoring sessions, and regular surveys. This enables us to use the information shared to enhance the team member experience further.

Our career development program

Our leadership team devotes careful attention to mapping out hard and soft skill development areas to enable each team member to be successful in their new roles. Here are some of our methods:

Dedicated mentor
and coach

Team members are provided with focused coaching sessions with creative, marketing and culture experts for soft skills, hard skills, and personal development. Our coaches and mentors provide personalised coaching based on the team members’ needs throughout their work life at Ooze.

Ooze integration

Our Ooze Integration training has allowed us to relate key soft skills needed by each team member with each of our values and principles. By breaking these soft skills down into practices they can action, they are able to help them develop productive work habits.

Weekly mentoring

Each team member has a weekly mentoring session with their mentor. This creates a rich feedback loop between the mentee and their mentor. Each session is dedicated to a key soft skill, hard skill, or personal development area while providing team members with ways they can provide immediate action to improve.

Access to a paid training and certification library worth over $30,000

Ooze has invested in paid training and certification courses that cater to both soft skills and hard skills development. Team members are encouraged to take these courses as part of the Ooze Career Development program.

Social activities

We nurture better team relationships through meaningful social activities that allow us to bond, learn, or just have fun together.

Social fun

We have a dedicated social fun time each week where we play board games, compete in a team member led quiz and just have fun. This allows us to end the week on a positive note and get to know each other better.

Social learning

Learning is vital to our pursuit of excellence and we’ve made it a fun and engaging activity through various social learning activities that are focused on both hard and soft skills development.

Our weekly social learning lunch is dedicated to a masterclass or workshop focused on soft skills development. While hard skills development is further developed through our weekly training insights call and through group learning sessions.

Online group experiences

We take part in online group workshops and virtual experiences, which allow us to have fun and learn together. These online group experiences are hosted by inspiring people around the world. We’ve learned about the Italian culture through a fun italian gestures and language game from an actual Italian, survived a virtual escape room based in Ukraine, and solved a murder mystery in Kraków, Poland.

Self-care programs

The wellbeing of our team members is extremely important to us. We believe that our ability to deliver excellent results are a byproduct of having team members who are healthy and thriving in both their personal and professional lives.

On top of our dedicated monthly themes that focus on different elements of wellbeing, here are some other programs we run continuously:

Healthy me, healthy yOoze

Launched in 2021, this is a team member led program that empowers team members to develop better habits to improve their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We have dedicated Wellbeing mentors who share best practices and tips on a daily basis to remind and inspire us with our wellness goals.

InsightTimer @ work

Our team members have access to InsightTimer @ Work which provides them with premium access to over 3,000 live events and courses each month with experts from around the world, over 100,000 guided meditation practices, music tracks, and group meditation tools.

Leadership programs

We lead by example at Ooze Studios. Our leadership team is relentless in their pursuit of excellence and we aim to help them achieve their best potential by developing key leadership principles.

Leaders-in-training are given opportunities to lead projects, client meetings, pods and departments. It’s the perfect learning environment with hands-on experience.

Our leadership principles give us guidance on what an Ooze leader should be. On top of regular coaching and mentoring sessions, our leadership team has access to an extensive course library that will provide them with expert training in their hard skills and soft skills development areas.

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