By Jesse Ocean  |   12th September 17

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30 Digital Days – Design Studio Creative Art

The 30 Digital Days Brighton Design Studio is offering a platform for sharing creative art starting on 13th September 2017 and ending on 14th October 2017. Why share design ideas? Designs help transform information, resources and the way we approach problems.

In short, designs are packaged into ideas that are easier to understand. This can make sharing an idea a two-way process and create awareness about a particular issue in a better way.

Some of the reasons why sharing ideas in a digital studio is a good concept:

1. You get better

Each time you share ideas with other people, you are likely to get better at something. Although the exchange of ideas may not involve original ones, the sharing will help you learn better and faster ways of doing similar things.

2. Relating ideas in new ways

You, as a single person, can never say that your idea is perfect. Through sharing your designs with others, you may get feedback about your design and learn things you never thought about before. Most of the time, better and new things emerge as a result of sharing ideas.

3. You give, you get

You will always receive and benefit from sharing your designs with others. Other people can’t contribute to your designs unless you participate in events like this which showcase designs from other designers around the world.

4. You connect

All design work that can’t be automated is based on connections. Since connections involve human interactions, it’s great to have a design platform that allows people to submit their designs. You may find a design that you like and will then be able to contact that designer through this forum.

5. You listen, you look, you think

Sometimes you can learn a lot by just checking out other peoples’ designs but you still don’t understand how it’s really done. At a design studio, you get more insight into particular designs and also gain useful knowledge about how the process works.

6. Diversity innovates

The more people who contribute and come together from different design backgrounds, the more unique the designs will be. And because of that diversity, you will gain fresh ideas on how to design wonderful things.

7. Ideas come and go

It is not prudent to hold an idea hostage as if it is yours alone. Ideas may be temporary and other people may also be thinking about the same thing. There are times when you would like to design something but have no idea where to start. By participating in a design studio showcase, you will learn fresh ideas on how to approach things. Remember connections breed innovation and connecting with people ensures those innovations come to life.


At 30 Days Design Studio creative art, amazing things are happening. Many designers are realising that their way of thinking may not be the only way and that other people can help them become better. One thing that is usually overlooked when it comes to sharing design ideas is productivity. When people come together and share ideas, each of the participants stands a chance of improving his or her productivity.

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