By Jesse Ocean  |   4th February 21


Digital Marketing Agency: Top 5 Reasons Why You Need One

Whether you’re just starting a new business or you already have an established brand, the fear of failure is always there.  As business owners, we don’t want to be among those businesses that go down. We want to ensure that everything is smooth sailing and we’re making sound decisions that will save our companies from perennial liquidity issues.

To do that, we often have to confront daunting stats about business survival rates. One such statistic that we keep at the back of our mind is that about 20 percent of the businesses fail because they don’t have a successful marketing campaign. They cannot get enough revenue to cover overhead costs.

As such, business growth relies heavily on the marketing process and marketing is down to strategy. A good plan features a constellation of channels and digital marketing is just one of them. There are other facets to selling, including outbound marketing campaigns, such as fliers and billboards.

Out of the many channels that a business can use, however, digital marketing bears the least costs. Surprisingly, it yields the best returns on investments. Yes, it is cost-effective, but it is also a technical process. Which is why it can sometimes be more advantageous if you delegate this critical function to a digital marketing agency. Here are the reasons.

You Can Focus on Other Important Business Functions

I consider the value proposition chain to be the most crucial business function. I am sure that a business will fail if it does not commit its most valuable resources into this process. Developing a product, testing it, and availing it to the market are vital.

When the product gets on the market, marketing is the next big thing. However, marketing has two essential aspects. One involves putting the word out, and the other is about closing a sale. The latter is core to the business. That is where most businesses put the most energy as they have to ensure that the sales funnel is full.

Given this, we can let other people help us do the fishing. We want our customers to enjoy the whole experience. We would want them to keep coming back and a digital marketing agency can do this part of the business for you. For example, they can help your e-commerce by getting more people to visit your online store and making sure that when they do visit, they get what they want fast and easy.

If you have offline sales, a digital marketing agency can help affect your customers’ offline behaviour through online marketing tactics. They can also determine how many people engage with your business online and how eager people are to receive your on-site salespeople.

It Gives You A Reason to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy

In a study conducted by Smart Insights, about 49 percent of the companies don’t have a digital marketing strategy. I don’t know how they go about their publicity efforts. It must be a tough ask for the person charged with leading such a blind pursuit.

A strategy is imperative for any function. We rely on the strategy to estimate the overall costs. We devise ways to overcome budget shortfalls and challenges, and I believe that there is no digital marketing without a plan.

At Ooze Studios, our clients expect a lot from their digital campaigns. Because of that, we put in a lot of work on them. We have to curate content first, which is a costly endeavour. Luckily, the materials run through all digital platforms making the whole process cost-effective.

We know this because we have always had a plan. We have tested various strategies to see which ones work best for our projects. That is the power of investing in a strategic plan, and a good digital marketing agency will push for this as a requirement.

A Digital Marketing Agency Comes with A Competent Team

Digital marketing is giving everyone an opportunity because it is cost-efficient. The online space gets crowded fast by upcoming and existing firms competing for the same market space. If you don’t have the best brains, standing out in such an environment can be a challenge.

If you have a great digital marketing agency on your side, you can have both the experience and skills required to win. You will have the internal capacity to create a winning strategy, to develop and curate content, to identify the right media, to launch campaigns, and to analyse the campaign impact.

An agency will also keep your business abreast with changing technologies and digital trends. As many of us know, keeping up with search engine algorithms can be a nightmare and experts have ways of going around such things.

They Have the Tools

In today’s agile business management practices, every function should generate measurable results. Things such as market reach, on-boarding, and conversions are part of the game and we depend on the results to determine the success rate of our projects. Likewise, it’s also imperative that we can analyse these results and extract insights so as to help us further understand our audience and better serve their needs.

A digital marketing agency will have analytical tools such as google analytics and other specialised tools that can help you grow your business. They include SEO and other instruments that help a company accelerate its media reach. It also has updated information regarding all marketing channels to ensure that your campaigns are safe and remain competitive.

It Is Convenient Regarding Time and Cost

Marketing online is a profoundly dynamic endeavor. It requires regular updates on campaigns. Without that, we risk losing out search engine rankings. We must also keep up with trends as each trend presents an opportunity to put our brand out there.

All aspects of online marketing require perfect timing. A digital marketing agency does everything fast. Further, since the costs can fluctuate, budgeting can be a nightmare. Thankfully, an agency keeps the costs standard throughout.

They will also provide and assemble mobile speed optimisers, search engine experts, copywriters, and many other people – a process that can be time-consuming and expensive if done independently.

How Do I Choose the Right Agency?

Every business needs an agency, but not every agency is right for your business. You will encounter all manner of agencies out there promising results. Look for the following traits:

Experience and Reviews

A company that has worthwhile experience will generally have positive reviews, though disgruntled customers are more likely to post reviews than happy customers. Having just a few positive reviews from customers is okay. But be wary of firms that have bad reviews.

In addition, look for firms who engage their customers fruitfully especially when there are complaints.

A Full-Service Approach

Delegating a part of your online marketing efforts and retaining the other can be confusing for your internal teams. For this, you need a team that is capable of handling the entire digital promotion.

A Fair Budget

We cannot say cheap, because it can sometimes mean cookie-cutting services in return. Look for a company that brings in a healthy return on the investment they are asking for as payment.


You want a company that will not choke you today. You also want a company that will not deter you from flying once you take off and that can continuously cater to your requirements as your business grows.

On the overall, an excellent online marketing agency can help you realise your branding and marketing goals. It should help you grow your profits and customer base, too.

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