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People say you can’t have your cake and eat it but as an internet marketing
company we say you can have the best of both worlds.
Digital marketing
Closer Look at How we help our clients
Digital Marketing Strategy
With many forms of digital marketing available as an internet marketing company, we know how to consolidate and optimise a strategy to match your budget and goals. We also target the specific demographics you want to communicate with.
Social Media Marketing
With so many platforms to choose from, which one will serve you best? We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the ocean of options and help you hit your targets.
PPC Campaigns
Digital advertising is an important part of a campaign for any web marketing company. To create an efficient PPC campaign you need know which keywords to target, how to group them, what type of campaign to run, what attributes you want to target, among many other questions. We know how to run successful campaigns so you can concentrate on your business.
Content Marketing
creating content is only half the battle. If you don’t promote content, it just sits idly not putting itself to work. We can create content but we also know how to promote it & distribute it.
SERP Marketing
PageRank is very important as Google is the mainstay search engine of many, many users. By using Ooze as your web marketing company and the right keywords, you’ll be on your way to winning over the engagement of customers, old and new.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Is not just about keyword stuffing but also creating meaningful content. We can help you do that by ensuring that your target keywords are made into articles that pack a punch.
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
Every website should be built to be conversion rate optimised. Is yours? Also, every ad in every campaign should have a Call To Action (CTA) or goal, and therefore requires CRO.
Market Validation
Using government data, competitor analysis and search trends we can refine with accuracy which demographics you should be targeting. Don’t guess when you can back up your hunches with data. Don’t know which vertical industry or niche market will be best served by your service or product? We can find out for you.

Our Process

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We disscuss what your objectives are, how to achieve them, and in what timeframe
Our team pulls together the best marketing methods to create the best campaing for you
Once the strategy is actioned we continually analyse the results to ensure we are on track
With a constant feedback loop from the data we optimise the campaign to ensure the best results
Why choose Ooze as your
Internet Marketing Company?
Our winning attitude and experience maximises the impact of
your campaign budget. Start acquiring new customers
& increase your retention metrics.
Winning Team

Our company culture is based on winning. We strive to win so your business succeeds in reaching its goals. This is our raison d’etre. This is why we get up in the morning. To win.

Experience Matters

Having worked with clients from a spectrum of industries, and varying sizes, we know how to help your business. We know how to quantify and qualify your goals, and achieve them.

Advertising Strategy

There are many techniques and methods we bring to all marketing campaigns
for maximum impact. To give you a glimpse how we look at some advertising
strategies, here is an example of a medical equipment supplier.

target all stages

of client

procurement process

Awareness Stage
The prospective client is performing general queries on related terms.
“What are the benefits of equipment X?"
n n
Consideration Stage
The prospective client is thinking of purchasing a new medical refrigerator.
“Best vaccine fridge supplier in Melbourne”
Decision Stage
The prospective client knows they want a new medical fridge.
“Best price on equipment X”

OOZE Studios Portfolio

Closer Look at Our Best Projects

Cars on Demand – Promotional Video
Cars on Demand – Promotional Video
Rodd & Gunn
Rodd & Gunn
GenieHR – Promotional Video
GenieHR – Promotional Video
Mike Mullins Ink – Digital Marketing
Mike Mullins Ink – Digital Marketing
CFM Carpentry – Digital Marketing
CFM Carpentry – Digital Marketing
Common Marketing Issues We Solve

When new clients come to us there are common
issues that always pop up in conversation,
all of which we have resolved for them.
Here are some examples:

Landing pages not having an impact? We’ll turn your campaign leads into customers via tried and tested techniques. Your potential customers will thank you for it and you’ll see your sales soar. Internet marketing services combine SEO, CRO, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and other strategies so we can optimise your web pages to bring those customers to you.

We encounter this a lot. There are many techniques we can implement to optimise a social media strategy. We cover all major social media platforms and our expertise ranges from posting content and managing your pages to a full social media strategy.

With our marketing analysis tools, we’ll be able to tell you if you are hitting them with your target audience. We can perform market validation techniques to ascertain whether your value proposition & services are aligned to your customers wants.

The most important thing in a campaign – brand alignment. We know how to make your brand shine with personality to entice your potential customers. Keeping your brand messaging consistent is imperative, whether it be copy, imagery, colour scheme, voice, and much more. That’s where we shine as well.

There could be multiple reasons why your campaign isn’t performing as you expected. We take a look to ensure you have the correct metrics being tracked, the correct settings are set, and most importantly the ads are targeting the right demographics. This is just the beginning of our investigation but those 3 steps are the macro stages to finding out what’s happened.

We have the tools to carefully analyse competitor behaviour and their website traffic trends. We can also deploy monitoring tactics to capture every time their brand is mentioned so you can jump in and mention your brand too. There are much more techniques at our disposal to ensure you are ahead of the competition.

Satisfied Customers

Our Clients Love Us
Laura Jane
Gourmet Kitchen

I highly recommend the team at Ooze Studios. From the start of the project, they have been very attentive to what I visualised my website will be and creatively executed my visions for my website. The whole team were fantastic to work with and made the process easy from my end. I am really happy with the new site and we’ve received some great feedback from customers.

Thomas Green
Thomas Green
Mindful Growth Hacker

Ooze did a great job with our website and other content creation activities. Their attention to detail is great. They understood our briefing and took it to another level – technical and creative-wise – helping us achieve our objectives.

Simon Kalipciyan
Cars on Demand

The team consistently demonstrates clever creativity, business growth mindset and quick response times.

Rajiv Jayarajah
Bare Inc.

Ooze Studio’s thought-provoking creative approach took into account both my current and future business needs. They were able to translate my vision into an amazing website that transformed our online presence and truly reflected our brand and culture.

Griet Johanna Vandenhouweele

Ooze studios helped us quickly, really got into our need and current website and gave us a nice overview of platforms not only for the website but also other amazing digital marketing tools.

jci 150X150
Jodi Chapman
JC Imagery

When I started my own business, I wanted to have an online presence right away. Not knowing
the process involved and where to start, I contacted Ooze Studios. Ooze made the process
so easy and stress-free. I intend to use Ooze Studios for any future work and
will definitely recommend to others seeking similar services.

Threefold Consulting

Their advice always seems to be what’s in my best interest, not trying
to sell me things I don’t need, and I trust them implicitly.

Michael Manoj
Trio Solutions

Ooze Studios are awesome to work with.
Looking forward to future projects 🙂

Jenny Rojas
Poncho Mexican Street Food

We’d just started our business and needed a website. Ooze Studios looked after us right from the beginning. The care factor was very noticeable and greatly appreciated. Highly recommend.

Matt Emmanuel
CFM Carpentry

Very content with the website and the customer service.
Happy to recommend.

Mike Mullins
Mike Mullins Ink

I wanted a complete website overhaul which required a lot of new functionality
and new branding, both of which Ooze Studios succeeded in creating.

Oliver Fairman
Sinking Fund Solutions

I don’t know much about making websites, and they made the whole experience
as easy as a walk in the park. I highly recommend Ooze Studios.

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