By Jesse Ocean  |   7th December 17

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3 Handy Tips to Drive More Traffic: Insider Knowledge From An Internet Marketing Agency

Ready to Drive More Traffic to Your Website? Don’t Miss These 3 Handy Insider Tips From a Leading Marketing Agency!

Are you a business owner who wants to get ahead in the online world? Have you launched a website, and you’re worried that customers aren’t finding you? Do you want more traffic and more sales — and yesterday?

If you answered “yes” to any of these common questions we hear from small-to-medium business owners, then it’s time to read our quick guide that will teach you three insider tips for meeting your traffic and revenue goals.

Remember, at the close of the day, your customers want to get to products that they need quickly and easily, and they want to feel like valued clients.

Get them there with these quick, expert tips from the leading Internet marketing agency Ooze Studios:

Tip #1: Invest in Analytics–They’re Worth Every Dime

Invest in a reliable analytics tool that can help you understand your customers’ behaviours. When are they more likely to shop? What are they most likely to buy? Are they motivated to buy based on sales, coupons or other incentives? What do they take out of their online shopping carts?

These are just a few of the questions that you’ll be able to answer by using data to tell your customers’ stories. This data will then help you tweak your strategies, your website design, your checkout process, your product line — and more. However, what you need to remember is that all of this insider information does not come for free.

So invest in an analytics tool that will give you all the detailed information you need to achieve smart conclusions about your consumers’ behaviour. Use your knowledge to your advantage — and get ahead in the process!

Tip #2: Encourage Return Visits with “Shopping Cart Recovery Emails”

Anyone who has ever shopped online has suddenly had potential buyer’s remorse and removed something from their shopping cart. Why? Maybe you realised the product was too much of a splurge. Maybe you realised you really didn’t need it. Maybe you realised you needed another item. There are many reasons that someone empties their online shopping cart — and your goal is to not only find out why but to create a situation in which your consumer is motivated to put the item back in the cart.

You can do this by sending follow up emails directly to your customers’ inboxes. Called “shopping cart recovery emails,” the emails show the items you took out of your cart with encouragement to reconsider.

For example, a classic shopping cart recovery email reads something like: “Oops! It looks like you forgot something!” or “Wait a minute! Get those items you left behind by using this 10 percent off coupon.”

Decide on messaging that works for you and send the email whenever a customer visits your site and leaves before buying the contents of their cart. Now, there are ways to capture the email addresses of viewers who are not customers yet — but you may risk annoying them. So use that approach with careful consideration.

If you choose to go that route, you can use a pop-up window to collect their name and email information in exchange for sending them a coupon to use immediately. There’s a trade-off in everything online — so know your customers and use your marketing in smart ways!

Tip #3: Boost Your Customer Service Game with a Live Chat Feature

Finally, there is nothing worse than having a bad experience or not being able to find something that you need online — and having no one to reach out to. Improve your customer experience online by providing a live chat feature on your website. Your customer can be connected immediately by one of your representatives who can then troubleshoot issues. You want your customers to find what they need and get their questions answered quickly.

At the end of the process, your customer will feel more valued and will have a higher opinion of your company — and that will keep them coming back. They’ll know what quality of service to expect — and they’ll pass along that experience to friends and family members, who will become your next round of new customers. Great customer service spreads like wildfire in the Internet world — so make yours a priority as you begin to launch your online business today!

Is It Time for YOU to Drive More Traffic to Your Website?

If you’re like most of us in the online business world, you know what a difference one adjustment or great feature can make to your overall customer service and to your sales. In an Internet world in which you are constantly competing for your customer’s interest and attention — you’ll need to do everything you possibly can to make sure you are getting the business you want, closing the deals that will keep your doors open, and making progress every quarter.

All of this isn’t easy to do. But with these three easy and targeted tips, you’ll generate more traffic for your online site and boost your sales. Just remember to invest in the right features:

• Don’t skip on the analytics. Learn everything you can about your customers and their behaviours — through the data you collect.
• Provide a customised experience for them so that they always know what to expect when they visit your site
• Communicate with your customers through targeted emails and incentives. But remember not to do it in a creepy or annoying way!

There’s a fine balance in all of this — so start by rolling out one tip every two weeks until all are fully functioning on your site.

Then, leave us a comment below to let us know how our tips worked for you! We at Ooze Studios are committed to helping you find your place in the online business world!

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