By Jesse Ocean  |   23rd April 18

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Email Hosting: A Provider’s Perspective

In this current age, the internet begins to be a critical component of how businesses operate and this is the reason why you will want to find an email hosting provider who can serve your business interests to your satisfaction.

A facet of a good email hosting provider is its ability to offer specialized and robust webmail services with features that surpass the common desktop email applications.

These features include uptime and scalability; these unique aspects are your deciding factors in seeking good email hosting solutions.

With such features at your disposal, you are assured not just of basic internet solutions but also of absolute business growth, which is something all businesses look for in terms of global awareness.

Therefore, it is important at this level to analyze the benefits we have in store for you with email hosting.

Benefits of Email Hosting to your Business

1. Sharing web hosting with email – With the web hosting feature, you do not have to host your email on your website, the two will be completely distinct from each other. This great feature, separating your business and private dealings. There are benefits of separating your email and website hosting.

2. Advanced performance – Email hosting allows your site more space as well as better productivity.

3. Convenience – this service can be used anywhere in the world, thereby not binding you to specific time and place.

4. Secure – Email hosting is secure since you are able to use SSL on your server to encrypt channels. This also allows for encryption of data which ensures that it is impossible for anyone to have access to your mail. You will not have anyone snooping into your mail unless you have granted authority for that to take place. With email web hosting, your privacy and data security are assured.

5. Organization – email hosting can help you manage remote teams on several websites, thus taking care of all your email needs. This ensures a great, organized synergy which is good for business.

These are the main benefits that you will gain by using email hosting as a tool to improve business interactions and performance. I would not point out these benefits without identifying the accompanying features that make all this possible.

Let us explore a detailed list of features that make the email hosting beneficial to you.

Email Hosting Features

a) Unlimited users and messages – This being a hosting platform, it can host many users at once without affecting your operations.

b) Template system for custom skins – You do not need to go through a rigorous and tedious process of creating preferred skins, you are provided with a set customized template to work from.

c) Plug-in API for flexible extensions- This feature ensures that hosting is flexible and does not present undue complications to users.

d) Threaded message listing – Different message threads are listed with ease.

e) Spell checking – The email hosting is enriched with a spell checker which loads auto spelling and predictions for you while you are typing. This makes the typing process fast and efficient.

f) IMAP folder management – This basically makes it easy to manage your email features.

g) Having a built-in caching on fast mailbox access.

h) Great customer service – hosting means convenience, security, and accessibility with instant access to backup.

i) Available in 70 languages – One great feature of email hosting is that communication is possible in different languages and is not limited to just the common universal languages.

j) Availability of the Drag-and-Drop message management – Messages are easily managed when they are dragged and dropped for easy reading access.

k) Real-time sophisticated privacy protection – The fact that SSL is used in safeguarding data privacy means that your privacy is assured at all times.

l) The ability to compose messages with attachments – This effectively means that bulk messages can easily be sent with an attachment to the outgoing mail. Incidentally, the same tool is able to forward messages with attachments.

m) Email hosting also has the ability to show multiple sender identities. This allows you to recognize the sender, as their information will be displayed in the email.

n) The email hosting also boasts a fully featured address book to allow you to send your emails quickly and efficiently.

o) The encryption features in the email hosting service provider for added security, even in the face of leaked emails and hacking threats.

Email hosting is one great solution to your webmail deficiencies. This is the right approach to have in terms of your efforts towards a positive business growth. You need to “graduate” from the everyday desktop email approaches that have traditionally controlled most business circles. You will be moving into a whole new opportunity for growth. Hosting will enable you to search for important messages and contracts easily, at your convenience. High bandwidth and fast networks ensure that you get the best of all worlds. This allows you unrivaled access to both your IMAP and POP accounts, consolidation of all your mail generated from multiple webmail applications and the ability to keep your large emails for an extended period of time. This is the perfect solution for the management of your emails, and ultimately your business. The best option for business growth is a first-class email hosting service. Like Ooze Studios.


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