By Jesse Ocean  |   30th April 18


Everything you can do with Google Home

With the technological revolution, the new Google Home has added a wide variety of features that help to ease most daily tasks. With other competitors in the market, Google decided to enhance its services in a way that even Amazon cannot match. Focused on offering better services than what is already there in the market, the updated Google Home offers improved performance. Currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Australia and Japan, it is also planning to make a breakthrough in other parts of the globe. The important thing to note is that the Google Home capabilities are flexible, they can expand by adding actions. The device is fashioned in such a way that it can add functionality to your home.


With this type of device, it offers both entertainment and education. With its 50 new games and skills, it offers a range of science quizzes, trivia games, and riddles. These fun new programmes are not restricted to children, they also include adult games. With these advanced features, children will be able to better their academic performance by improving their language skills and maths knowledge. You can also ask for scores, live updates or the next game date, location and time. For sports lovers this would enable you to receive updates on any games or sports that you are interested in, be it football, basketball, golf; you name it. You can also have a laugh by commanding Google Home to tell you a joke.


It has more advantages than Amazon as it can give precise information and likes to answer more questions that are asked. It is a combination of Homework Applications. Being able to leverage Google search is key, as most people have a Google account, and this will be an advantage to them. It also acts as a dictionary for definitions and spellings of words. With any facts or information that you need to know: “Ask Google want you to want to know”. It also allows you to ask for any news of a specific date as far back as 1851. The time machine action scans the New York Times database and reads it out to you, or it can summarise it for you. Loaded with many features, it is able to find words or phrases in supported languages and get unit conversions. Under finance, one is able to ask about current individual stock prices or current points of an index.


With the new feature, you are able to set alarms or let Google Home read out your calendar. You can also ask about an event or get your schedule for the day from Google Calendar. Managing your tasks is now at your fingertips as you can create a shopping list and check what is on it. This brings along the ability to order everyday essentials and buy items on your shopping list with Google Assistant, which is hosted on Google Home. With an embedded calculator, it is also able to perform complicated calculations.


Control your TV and radio with this feature. Using Chrome-cast devices, one is able to play music through connected speakers or stream YouTube videos on connected TVs. For movie lovers, this one is yours, you can also control Netflix and order Google Home to stream any season on your TV. You can also give Home access to your photo accounts especially if you have a Google Photo account. With the accounts linked together, you can simply say, “Okay Google, show me pictures from my 2015 birthday party in Canada” and Home will bring up those photos to your television. You can get the latest news from sources you trust and listen to popular podcasts, radio stations and soothing sounds, and above all you can also play stored music using Bluetooth.


Interaction is made by simply saying “Ok Google”, followed by your command. Voice calling is now enabled in US and Canada, where one will be able to call landlines and mobiles for free from Google Home. Bluetooth support is also added to improve functionality as a speaker. With the technology’s hands-free calling, this will be made over a Wi-Fi connection. The recipient will see an unknown number but there are plans to enhance this feature, wherein the future number will be displayed at the other end. Plans are also underway to have video calls. You can also find your missing phone by making a call. By using the IFTTP app, you can control online services and third-party devices that are not directly integrated.


If you find a recipe that you love, using Google Search or Assistant, you can send it to your Google Home and have it ready for you step by step, this avoids greasy prints on your phone or spilling liquids while cooking. It can also search for recipes online from many other cooking websites and read them to you while cooking. GS is also capable of giving nutritional information for ingredients or food. You can make your own favourite recipes using step-by-step cooking instructions while cooking.


You can control the temperature of your house by using the Nest thermostat. With this device, you give commands to the temperature you want in the house. You can also switch on or off your lights or change the colour of your light bulb. With connected electronics like Philips hue bulbs or other smart lights, you can control the lights via voice command from the comfort of your bed or chair.


Get information about traffic while at home, this will enable you to take an alternative route if you are in hurry. It can also update you on your upcoming flights, the weather of the day or any reminder you have on your calendar. Search for local places and ask for any additional information on restaurants, businesses or malls. You can check if your local store is still open, or ask for any nearby movie theatres or hospitals. With this feature comes the ability to order an Uber, which will be sent directly to your house.


Google Home has the ability to detect different voices and can be used by more than one person. You can also link your phone apps like WhatsApp and send messages by dictating to Google Home.
Thus, it can be said that Google Home with its multitude of functions will enable easy living and benefit many people.

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