“How Can I Have A Competitive Advantage With Big Brands?” A Common Question From Fashion Entrepreneurs

I’ve teamed up with Unzipped Fashion Connections to offer a unique service. It will combine Ooze’s expert D2C marketing services with Unzipped’s very experienced and successful global wholesale connections strategy. Join us as we reveal how you can apply lean revenue-centric marketing campaigns.

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Growing a fashion brand is challenging. There are a lot of obstacles: marketing your brand, beating the competition for audience attention, the ever changing landscape, reaching new international markets, the list goes on.

This is why we’re committed to helping you maximise your ROI and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

On our call you will:

+ get 2 experts on the phone; Jesse and Carley. See below bios.

+ learn how to refine your value proposition to understand your competitive advantage so you can stand out from the field

+ know how to grow your brand globally and reach more audiences

+ receive an analysis of your current website with tips on conversion rate improvement

Who will you be talking to?


Jesse Ocean
Managing Director, Ooze Studios

Jesse has been helping young B2C companies like yours run winning campaigns for many years. He’s a Director of 4 Melbourne start-ups and is continually helping our clients in growing their businesses.

Combining the best marketing analysis tool with tried and tested marketing techniques he can help you generate sustainable revenue. As well as finding gaps in the market that your competitors aren’t maximising to their advantage, which becomes your advantage.

Carley Johnson
Fashion Wholesale and Brand Launch Expert, Unzipped Fashion Connections

Carley has worked in fashion wholesale for 10+ years. She has managed multi-million dollar accounts in both the UK and Australia and successfully launched 30+ fashion wholesale accounts, growing them from $0 – $M+ revenue accounts.

At the start of her career, she worked in fashion buying for both Miss Selfridge and New Look. Her expertise is knowing what questions to ask and how to confidently ask these!