Stop Wasting Your Time Guessing How To Grow Your Brand’s Ecom Sales

Your competitors could dominate 2021 before you, are you ready for the 2021 e-com explosion? I can help your brand smash 2021 out of the park.

Focus your time and strategy on profitable growth

For over 6 years I’ve been helping brands of all sizes grow their sales. By using an omnichannel approach we help our clients get the best sales impact from their target audience. Let me show you how with a no obligations call. I love to help ecom brands succeed, jump on a call with me and I’ll help you for free.

You will be surprised by how much I can help you in 30 minutes.

I know this industry inside out, and back to front. Here are just some of the outcomes I’ve helped other brands achieve in this free 30-minute call (valued at $250 but free for you):

  • How to run effective data-driven marketing campaigns that will drive sales to your eCom store
  • How to improve your digital customer experience to boost your retention rate and increase the AAV (Average Annual Value) of your customers.
  • Figuring out why Facebook/Google ads aren’t working and how to fix it
  • UX design feedback on an ecom store to pinpoint holes to plug and therefore increase conversion rates
  • Identify a new target audience for low CPA and greater ROI

Why should you take this free 30-minute consultation?

Have your sales growth plans been affected by one of the following reasons:

  • Only one sales channel in place
  • Marketing strategies are not working
  • Lack of audience understanding
  • Lack of focus on customer experience
  • No customer onboarding experience
  • No repeat purchases (low average annual spend)
  • Lack of brand awareness

By working with Ooze Studios we will bring an experienced, 3rd person perspective to your current operation. We will suggest and implement ways to expand your brand into multiple sales channels effectively and with quick impact. By sharing our tools and experience built up over the years in ecom marketing working with both large and small brand names, I know we can help you.

Embed us into your team so you gain a dedicated marketing team and together we will smash your sales growth.

Your ecommerce store, social media channels, emails and advertising should be built to drive conversions.

Who will you be talking to?


Jesse Ocean
Managing Director, Ooze Studios

Jesse has been helping young B2C companies like yours run winning campaigns for many years. He’s a Director of 4 Melbourne start-ups and is continually helping our clients in growing their businesses.

Combining the best marketing analysis tool with tried and tested marketing techniques he can help you generate sustainable revenue. As well as finding gaps in the market that your competitors aren’t maximising to their advantage, which becomes your advantage.