By Jesse Ocean  |   4th February 16

Green Web Hosting

Internet is the modern technology that a huge percentage of the world’s population has embraced its uses and is on the rise with an estimated 400 to 1000 per cent rise in usage each year. The convenience that is the internet does not however come at a low price on our environment. The servers used to host the internet do a magnificent job according to an average person’s point of view, but what you did not know is that these servers consume an alarming amount of electricity and produce about 630 kg of carbon dioxide per server. These alarming figures have prompted a move to green web hosting where web hosting is done using technologies that have less of an impact on the environment.
Environmental factors
Green web hosting is aimed at reducing the environmental impact web hosting equipment makes. The amount of carbon dioxide servers emits is very alarming thus web hosting companies participate in carbon offsetting, which is providing funding for projects that aim at reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Some organizations do this themselves by planting trees and grass around their data centres to absorb some of the CO2. The use of alternative and renewable energy sources to power data centres as an alternative to electricity is another means of green web hosting. The use of energy-saving equipment is another popular means of providing green web hosting.
Cost difference of green web hosting
It is estimated that the energy cost as a result of used power for regular web hosting servers and infrastructure use is about 7.2 billion dollars worth of electricity annually with a single server consuming about 1000 KWh annually. The use of alternative energy sources and energy conservation equipment reduces the electricity bill, although some of the equipment might be somewhat costly to purchase, but it is a worthwhile investment in the long run.
Marketing impacts
Acquiring a Green-E certification allows an organization to employ green marketing, which has become increasingly popular as consumers are becoming even more environmentally conscious. This gives them an edge in the market over other web hosting sites.
Efficiency on servers
Organizations participating in green web hosting tends to use advanced cooling systems and allow airflow through the servers, which allows the servers to work at an optimum as the servers never overheat thus increasing efficiency.
The ability to provide a healthier and safer environment for future generations as it is estimated that with the current emissions of the web hosting industry by 2020 the industry will be at par with the airline industry. Green web hosting provides an organization with the ability to tap into new niche i.e. green consumers. The improved efficiency is a great plus while lowered cost only sweetens the deal. Green hosting is the best deal that is saving many users by protecting our environment.
Green-e certification requires an organization to adhere to strict environmental regulations which can be costly to implement plus the purchase of one and carbon offsetting is cost also.
Alternative energy sources and energy-saving equipment can at times reduce speed and efficiency.

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