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Which Headlines Work – A Study of Copywriting Services

A writer has very little time to capture a reader’s attention. In just the first few seconds the reader will decide whether to keep reading or move on. That is why it is so important to know what makes a great and grabbing headline.

There is a science to creating great headlines, whether it is the headline for a book, Facebook ad, blog article or any other online or offline product or service. Countless hours of split testing have been done to determine which headlines are the most compelling.

Thankfully, a marketer does not have to spend thousands of advertising dollars testing a range of headlines. With money at stake, guessing at the right headline is not wise. Using the actual data from headline testing will produce the best results in the most cost-effective way. A professional copywriting service has the data that can zero in quickly on an attention-grabbing headline.

Let’s look at some headlines that have been proven to work:

Here Are the Very Best Headlines that Professional Copywriters Use Repeatedly

Did that subheading pique your curiosity? Did you keep reading because you are curious about which headlines are often used by professional copywriters? Then you have just discovered one of the best secrets to creating a great headline – make your readers curious about what you have to offer.

Readers like to learn new things. They are naturally curious about the world, which is why they are exploring the internet and read what other people are saying. If you can offer them the information they are curious about, you have a key to developing a killer headline.

* Hot New {Product} That Will Give You Instant…

* 3 Shortcuts That Women Are Using to…

* What Celebrities are Now Saying About…

People are curious about new things. If your product or program has a new twist or angle, make people really curious about it.

Women want to know what other women know. Men want to learn how to succeed and compete. If you have something that will make people’s lives better, make them curious about looking at what you have.

Facebook users are always interested in the latest buzz in the entertainment world. You can capitalise on the latest happenings of famous people by hinting that you have the scoop on something cool.

Before creating a headline that generates curiosity, know your audience. Facebook users are often interested in different things to what will grab a technically-minded person. Cater to the internal questioning of your target audience. When it comes to what a group of people is curious about, one size does not fit all.

3 Great Headlines You Can Use Today

That’s a promise that this article will keep. Promising your readers something they want or need is a powerful enticement to click on your link, watch your video or read your blog post. The bigger the promise, the more powerful the pull.

A common headline with a promise is “Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days.” This headline is used so often because it works. If a person is unhappy with their appearance – as many people are – this is a promise that attracts their attention.

Furthermore, the promise of losing 7 pounds in 7 days will seem real to many people. On the other hand, the headline “Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days” is not as believable. Readers may perceive this second example as too good to be true and pass it by.

So when developing a headline with a promise, examine your product or service for the biggest promise you can realistically offer. Rather than mentioning that you offer, “Landscaping Services,” give your prospective clients an awesome promise: “Have the Most Beautiful Yard in Your Neighbourhood This Summer.”

Now, here is the fulfilment of the promise made in this section’s sub-heading:

* Increase Your Monthly Income by {getting your product or service}

* Feel and Look Wonderful in One Week by {getting your product or service}

* Immediately Improve Your Relationships with {something you offer}

Always keep the promises you make to your readers

This Headline Mistake Will Make Your Readers Angry

A Buzzsumo article about headlines makes a very good point. Although headlines that promise emotional responses work well on some platforms, care must be taken not to promise something that doesn’t deliver. For example, if a headline includes”You Will Laugh Till You Cry,” be certain that the video, image or article is truly funny. If not, readers feel disappointed, tricked and even resentful that their time was wasted on false promises.

Unfortunately, the tactic of making deceptive and sensational headlines, dubbed clickbait, is used by too many unscrupulous advertisers to get readers to click through to pages that contain their ads. Good copywriting services never make headline promises they can’t keep.

People Are Wasting Money by Using Bad Headlines

Advertising money is not easy to raise and losing it is a big problem. This sub-heading points out another key to great headlines – solving a problem. The bigger the problem, the more the reader needs your product or service.

Wealth, health and happiness are the three biggest problems that people want to solve.

Money Problems

Losing or wasting money is a problem everyone wants to avoid. If your product or service can help the reader make or save money then capitalise on that in the heading:

* Save Money This Week by {getting your product or service}

* Learn How Average People are Increasing Their Monthly Income with {something you offer}

* Make Crafts That Sell Like Hot Cakes

Health Problems

You may have heard the saying, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” When people are sick, they are desperate to solve that problem. If your product or service can help people in this way, let them know right from the start:

* Get the Energy You Need to Conquer the World

* New Technique to Relieve Heel Pain in One Day

* 3 Supplements That Your Body Must Have to Fight Disease

Happiness Problems

Life can be hard and people everywhere are searching for ways to be happier. Life-transformational products and services are always in demand. Look closely at your product or service to see if it is something that brings happiness. If so, let readers know about it in your headline.

* 3 Easy Steps to Filling the Void in Your Life

* 5 Secrets to Being the Most Popular Person at Work

* 7 Proven Steps to Reducing the Stress in Your Life

As you can see, creating intriguing headlines that will lure people to keep reading is a science, not a game of chance. Know your target audience. What are they curious about? What do they really want? What problem do they need to solve?

Remember this, people do not want to buy your product because it will cost them money. However, they will buy your product or service if it will give them what they want or need. Be sure that your headline lets them know exactly how it will do that. If you are not sure, enlist the help of copywriting services professional to help you capture the attention of your target audience.

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