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How to create a lasting brand identity

When starting your own business one of the most critical considerations is how you are going to create a lasting business brand identity, this is important in creating and shaping your customer’s impression about your business. A business brand is created using different marketing strategies including images, messages and touch points that help shape your customer’s perception, it also creates an emotional connection between the two parties. A successful business brand is created only when there is an emotional connection between the business and their customers and that both of the parties support the connection.

So, why is creating a lasting brand identity relevant to a business?

Creating a strong business brand is key to the success of any business; a lasting business brand helps your customers make the difference between your company and other similar players in the market. It is one of the useful means that help convince your customers to accurately choose your products without confusing them with the other products on the market.

Additionally, a lasting business brand identity helps build a strong business trust that in the long run is essential in creating a good relationship between customers and business. This link is critical in creating the perception of quality that allows businesses to command premiums for the products they offer. The perception of quality also creates the potential for your business to attract more merchandising contracts from customers.

The customer’s perception of your business is the key factor in building a lasting brand which goes far in marketing its products into the future. Brand development should be an integral part of the business planning strategy. Although building a lasting brand identity is largely dependent on your actions, you will never have total control over the whole exercise.

How to create a lasting brand identity:

Uniqueness is the key to developing your identity

To begin with, once you have established your market and your buyers you need to make a compelling and unique brand promise to your customers. This can only be achieved through vis to developing your identity elements in marketing materials. The character of a brand can materialise through elements such as letterheads, branded envelops, business cards and logos, a list that can be further extended to websites, folders, brochures and other professionally designed items.

To stand out from the crowd uniqueness is the key; you need to make a unique and distinctive logo design. This will help prevent your products from being viewed as a mirror of your competitor’s products and help in developing your outward identity. The outside world will view the image you have created for yourself by the logo design, fonts colours. All these messages will help shape the perception of your customer and most importantly help yours in building a lasting brand identity.

Keep your customers engaged in the repetition approach:

An often overlooked fact in building a lasting brand identity is the repetition factor. When making a strong and lasting business brand entrepreneurs should remember that without proper reinforcement existing customers are likely to forget about their existence within a short space of time. Therefore, businesses should be on the run to look for ways that will constantly remind their customers about their existence. These methods will ensure that their business brands remain etched in the minds of the customers for quite a long period.

The most effective ways of keeping the customer reminded are, sending newsletters to prospective customers and publishing press releases about the latest updates of your services or products. There are many ways to constantly remind customers of your existence and help keep business brands alive.

Use the current web trends to keep your brand at the notch.

With the rise of computers and the use of the internet new ideas and infrastructure have cropped up that can be truly resourceful in building a lasting business brand. Throughout the world, the use of advertisements, the distribution of pamphlets, viral marketing, sponsoring famous events, brochures, and press conferences are on the rise as some of the most popular tactics of brand promotion.

The online market is wild about the benefits derived from social media marketing; blogging is one of the most successful enterprises in marketing strategy. Businesses are using these forums to help promote and sustain their brands in a competitive world. To be successful here, you need to ensure consistency in the use of your logos and taglines whenever you are engaging in any online business. Make the text of your advertisement look attractive and make it appear original, this will help reiterate the authenticity of your brand.

Special attention is also required to give your brand a clean and clear outlook:

As stated before the design of your logo and all the other elements associated with your business brand should bring out the objective of your business clearly. Special attention to design, plus future plans and objectives are required to give your brand a long-lasting impression to customers. Make sure that you meet all the promises made to your customers to sustain a longer relationship.

Always try to win the trust of your customers:

The ultimate goal of any business branding venture is making a business sell to a large population of potential customers. To achieve a long-lasting brand name building trust with your customers should be primal to everything. The demand for extensive research, planning, and professionalism in the delivery of services should be your driver to emerge successfully.

You can use the above steps to help establish a stronger and unique brand identity. Not only that, should you require assistance, Ooze Studios is ready to help, just drop a message on our website anytime!

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