By Jesse Ocean  |   6th November 18

Industries getting the most out of Digital marketing melbourne

Industries Getting the Most Out of Digital Marketing in Melbourne

Digital marketing in Melbourne is incessantly taking over traditional marketing. In the wake of internet communication and interconnectivity, print advertising, television commercials and billboards have been left by the wayside. And a new form of marketing helps usher in the modern age. Potential customers are more likely to see a Facebook ad than magazine advertisement, these days. Television advertisers are moving more and more to YouTube and other video hosting sites, like Netflix, to display their ads.

However, the marketing industry as a whole isn’t the only one to be impacted by the rise of digital marketing. The following are among the industries getting the most from it.


Today, deciding what to eat is as easy as pulling out your mobile phone and accessing the internet. Restaurants, fast-food chains, diners, and even grocery stores are not only advertising on social media, search engines and websites. They are also implementing technologies that allow users to order online. Some are even offering delivery services for online orders.

Aside from food-based businesses, recipes are also being posted on Facebook and Pinterest at an overwhelming rate. How would they get the word out about all these exciting new, technological features, if not for digital marketing?

Besides investing in social media advertisements, the food industry is reaching their customer bases in a plethora of ways. Fast-food chains like Wendy’s and Arby’s are even having a bit of fun. If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’ve undoubtedly seen something about the Wendy’s Twitter account, which gives sassy and comedic replies to customer questions. On the other hand, Arby’s official Facebook page is always posting jokes and funny pictures that harp on various images and popular pieces of entertainment.


The internet is revolutionising the transportation industry with the widespread popularisation of online transportation services and ride-sharing applications like Uber and Lyft. How has digital marketing affected the transportation industry though?

As awareness of online resources like those mentioned increase, more people are likely to use them, as we’ve seen by their growing popularity. Likewise, companies are investing less in advertisements displayed on buses, subways, and trains, for one. Even local companies are more interested in digital marketing than in advertising their businesses on the sides of taxi cabs. They are now seeing value in investing in their online presence such as their social media networks and websites to connect with their customers and provide a better experience.

Nutrition and Fitness

Before, people had to join a gym or invest in a personal coach if they wanted help getting in shape. Now, advice, tips, and instructions on exercise and dieting practices can be easily found in forums, online communities like social media, YouTube and more.

Comprehensive diet plans are just a click away and often offered for free. Physical communities of fitness seekers are disintegrating as more people connect and reach out to one another on the internet. Even Weight Watchers has made the move. They are joining a slew of companies that sell their own mobile applications for people with the goal of getting fit or improving their diets.


The entertainment industry is perhaps the one that is most impacted by the digital marketing wave. Digital marketing in Melbourne and other cities have made other marketing efforts almost obsolete. As fewer people watch television and have, instead, migrated to video hosting sites and streaming services like Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix, conventional commercials are becoming a thing of the past.

Whilst advertisements still exist amid videos streamed online, digital marketing has transformed the way consumers of entertainment are marketed to. Video games, movies, and even books are now pushed on various social media platforms, as well as the internet as a whole, through widespread events and massive promotions.

When a piece of entertainment is released, it becomes a movement of sorts. The entertainment industry gets in on the communicative, global interconnectivity of the internet. Hashtags are implemented to promote awareness of a release, and celebrities are enlisted to help establish trust for a brand or title. Average users are beckoned to join in and post their own experiences with a specific product or service. For instance, Amazon offers users the option to leave a review on every form of entertainment bought from their site. Items which have little to no reviews are, hence, less likely to succeed or be marketed than those with plenty of trustworthy reviews from customers who have been verified as purchasing the item in question.


Speaking of Amazon, the emergence and takeover of digital marketing in Melbourne, as well as in other countries, is absolutely shaking the retail industry. Sites like Amazon have single-handedly made the act of visiting physical stores like Kmart and Target practically useless when customers can get everything they need without ever even leaving their homes. Even groceries are now being delivered to doorsteps.

These services would not be half as successful as they currently are without digital marketing efforts and strategies in place to help spread awareness of these technologically advanced services. Even dominators of the physical aspect of the retail industry are gradually moving online, as even major player, Kmart has been utilising their website to place orders and ship directly to customers. Most store websites nowadays include features like shipping items to stores for physical pickup, so there is always a different method to choose from when shopping online.


Digital marketing is also affecting the health industry. Health practitioners are implementing ads in various forms of online content to convince people to visit them for health concerns. Some doctors and hospitals have designed their own applications to help patients track diagnoses. The applications can also fill prescriptions, schedule appointments and even speak to doctors directly via instant messaging or email. Thanks to Google and SEO, which is, in itself, a form of digital marketing, you can find the nearest doctor’s office, clinic or hospital simply by performing a search of your area on Google Maps or even by using voice-search technology, without even unlocking your phone.

Indeed, the power of the web reaches well beyond IT and similar fields of work. Many industries across the globe are thriving due to digital marketing or what others also refer to as internet marketing.  As the prevalence of digital marketing in Melbourne continues, we are sure to see more local companies embrace and include it in their overall business strategies.

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