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Skyrocket Your Landing Page Conversions with These Tips

A survey found that testing and targeting of landing pages, when done well, can help increase conversions by as much as 300%.

By Jesse Ocean 15th June, 2023

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Are You Tracking All 3 Types of ROI?

When your marketing strategies are failing, where do you invest your time and money to get them back on track? Start by categorising your efforts into these 3 macrostrategies.

By Jesse Ocean 16th September, 2022

By Jesse Ocean 4th July, 2015

Bitcoins And Their Value

Bitcoin has been a virtual form of currency popular all over the world since its invention in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, which is a contentious fact in itself.

By Jesse Ocean 3rd May, 2015

Sponsored Content Within Online Advertising

The idea of sponsored content has become a very popular method to explore in the world of online advertising. In fact, more major businesses have begun to use sponsored content in their works.

By Jesse Ocean 14th March, 2015

All About The Sony Hacking Scandal

The Sony Hacking Scandal was basically a cyber-attack on Sony Picture Entertainment which resulted on the cyber criminals releasing private data that belonged to the employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment.


By Jesse Ocean 28th January, 2015


FIDO stands for Fast IDentity Online. The FIDO Alliance will change the nature of online authentication by reducing the reliance on passwords to authenticate users.

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UI / UX design

Improved user satisfaction pre vs post-new website launch

Result = 6.4/10 => 9.7/10


Facebook/Google ad campaign

Dramatically increased ad ROI on product purchases

Result = 2,400% ROAS


B2B lead gen campaign

Acquired and nurtured high-quality niche b2b leads for client to convert

Result = ROI at 350%