16 Nov: Writing the Future: 11 Tips for a Copywriter

The chances are that you have come across some great, informative content designed to grab your attention. You will have also come across a blog that was so boring that you fell asleep while reading it. You ask yourself, what makes the two writers different? Great content can be long or short, but it must remain authentic, ideas driven and creative


There was a time in the not too distant past when many business owners and managers were apprehensive about getting on-board with the internet revolution, considering it one of those new-fangled things designed for kids. Fortunately, as time has shown, the internet is proving itself as a viable addition for any businessperson who wants to increase the presence of their business, not only online, but in promotion of their brick and mortar store as well.
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27 Apr: Pivoting and Community

I want to explain to you why every single business, no matter what size or industry you’re from, can successfully beat this downturn of a pandemic. It’s affected all of us, but it doesn’t have to mean that some of us are in survival mode, it means that we can actually go into thriving mode.