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Skyrocket Your Landing Page Conversions with These Tips

A survey found that testing and targeting of landing pages, when done well, can help increase conversions by as much as 300%.

By Jesse Ocean 15th June, 2023

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Are You Tracking All 3 Types of ROI?

When your marketing strategies are failing, where do you invest your time and money to get them back on track? Start by categorising your efforts into these 3 macrostrategies.

By Jesse Ocean 16th September, 2022

By Jesse Ocean 27th January, 2021

7 Myths About Web Design Busted by A Design Company

For any business to succeed both in the physical space and in online selling, they should consider running a website. Usually, a site acts as the face of your enterprise to potential clients.

Internet marketing guy in a suit

By Jesse Ocean 21st January, 2021

Insight for Your Internet Marketing Service Needs

Internet marketing is crucial to any business today. It helps you drive high-quality traffic, increases your brand’s visibility and attracts more audiences.

By Jesse Ocean 12th January, 2021

Top 10 Tips to Protect your WordPress Site

WordPress has come a long way since it was first launched in 2003. Statistics have shown that it powers 38% of all the websites on the Internet. Whilst being an easy-to-use platform, is not without its security risks.

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By Jesse Ocean 8th January, 2021

5 Signs of a Great Internet Marketing Firm

As business owners, we all know that marketing is the key to the successful growth of a company. It’s an effective way to engage with customers, boost sales and build your brand’s reputation.

By Ooze Studios 30th November, 2020

10 Signs your brand identity needs an update

In the world of business, the phrase ‘brand identity‘ should not be an unfamiliar term. A strong brand identity is essential to the success of your business as it’s designed to communicate who you are, what you do and what’s your company’s overall message.

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By Jesse Ocean 23rd November, 2020

11 Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Establishing and sustaining a business can be challenging. There’s no magic formula in achieving overnight success. You need to invest in marketing to grow your brand and beat out the competition.


By Jesse Ocean 16th November, 2020

Writing the Future: 11 Tips for a Copywriter

Creating a high-quality and powerful copy can be challenging. You need to make it eye-catching, informative and logical to influence the readers to think about the product, services or the topic you are talking about.

By Jesse Ocean 9th November, 2020


While the lockdown restrictions have rapidly changed consumers’ behaviours toward online channels, it is believed that the e-commerce industry in Australia is going to get better as time goes on.

By Ooze Studios 2nd November, 2020

Jesse Ocean on Fashion Brand Marketing

I want to explain to you why every single business, no matter what size or industry you’re from, can successfully beat this downturn of a pandemic. It’s affected all of us, but it doesn’t have to mean that some of us are in survival mode, it means that we can actually go into thriving mode.

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Get essential tips from a UX and marketing expert

Discover the top 9 common problems in low-performing websites and how you can avoid them. Plus get bonus tips on how to stop your business from losing leads and maximise it as a lead-and-sales generating tool.

Highlighted case studies


UI / UX design

Improved user satisfaction pre vs post-new website launch

Result = 6.4/10 => 9.7/10


Facebook/Google ad campaign

Dramatically increased ad ROI on product purchases

Result = 2,400% ROAS


B2B lead gen campaign

Acquired and nurtured high-quality niche b2b leads for client to convert

Result = ROI at 350%